Top 10 Most Hated TV Stars

Who is the most hated TV star? Do you have any stars you really do not like? There are a couple stars we really despise. They put a bad reputation and made us turn our screens off.


1. Charlie Sheen:

This is a sad case. He is successful and people do love his work. His personality frankly sucks. No one would ever consider being his friend. When drunk and high, he badmouths co-workers, producers and other people around him. I can’t understand how someone could take pride in being hated? Money will never buy him happiness.


2. Simon Cowell:

Many viewers love to hate this TV personality. Many people who auditioned for American Idol and Britain got Talent, were offended by his sarcasm. Although the comments were made for TV and humor, I am sure contestants did not appreciate them.


3. Rosie O’Donnell:

Many fan loved her as a talk show host. This was until she showed her darker side in the 2000s. She sticks her nose where it does not belong and is vocal about it. How was it her business how Star Jones lost weight? She decided to also bite Elizabeth Hasselbeck’s head off over her views on The View. I’ll let you decide if she is in fact a bully.


4. Kathy Griffin:

She is someone we love to call annoying…at times. Her voice is squeaky. Many people share that opinion as the squeaky voice sometimes gets to people. This was especially the case when she badmouthed the Palin family. You can attack Sarah, but why go after everyone else?


5. Denise Martin:

People come to play Survivor to win a million dollars. They cheat, steal and lie in the game to get to the finals. When people go overboard and try to get more attention that is just shameful. Denise Martin claimed that she was fired from her lunch lady job because of Survivor. Producers awarded her a monetary reward to help her. Turned out that was all a publicity stunt. No one likes those seeking pity and those who try to cheat.


6. Shannen Doherty:

This 90210 star had her share of troubles. She was one of those stars who never co-operated. She even tried going to clubs and illegally drank. She was eventually fired in 1994, but returned the spin-off in 2009.


7. Dustin Diamond:

I had a lot of respect for Dustin Diamond on Saved By the Bell, until now. He was much younger than the rest of the cast and was bullied. Whilst many people get wiser when they grow up, Diamond never did. He threatened to write a tell-all book and created a porno video. People really need to grow up and stop taking things personally. 20 year grudges always backfire.


8. Michael Richards:

There is no need for racism on television. This is uncalled for, especially in Richard’s case. Richards made obscene and racists comments in 2006 to a heckler.


9. Tori Spelling:

Many fans did not like Spelling because they felt she was a spoiled brat. She got her fame because of her father Aaron Spelling. Many opinions have changed as she became an accomplished actor, starring in other sitcoms like Saved By the Bell.


10. Lauralee Bell:

Like Spelling, Bell was stereotyped. Her dad William Bell gave her a job at Y&R. She was the centre of many different storylines, whilst others felt sidelined. Terry Lester even quit because of Bell. Things began to change as Bell became more independent. Many viewers love her and her acting, independently of her father.

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  1. Lizzie

    Why Kim is not here? and you are right… I do not like Tori Spelling. She might be a good person… but i think there’s a lot more people who has talent and a little bit of looks who deserve more than what shes getting right now.

    Money talks.


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