Top 10 Reasons Why Gay Marriages Should Be Legal

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In the United States, only Massachusetts has legalized same sex marriages. Canada, South Africa, Sweden and Aruba are some countries that have adopted the legislation which allows same sex couples to marry, only after a long debate. As per the debate which looks at both sides, here are 10 arguments for the legalization of same sex marriages. These views are not of the author writing it.


1. Human Rights:

The inability to get married because of a sexual orientation trumps on individual Universal human rights. For example, in the United States the laws which prevent same sex marriages deny equal protection under the law.


2. Societal Change:

Our post-modern society has moved from having different genders playing different and distinct roles in marriage towards having marriage being viewed as an institution with no required gender roles.


3. Minority Discrimination:

Many view the ban on same sex marriage a minority discrimination. Many compare this to Jim Crow Laws and segregation laws which are now looked down upon.


4. Homosexuals desire stability:

Despite contrary arguments, many gay couples do desire stability and long term relationships. Gay couples do form families and relationships that are common law, wherever laws don’t allow them to marry. By allowing them to live common law, laws (or lack thereof) are creating more instability.


5. No harm to heterosexuals:

Homosexuality does not affect heterosexuality. Despite religious institutions’ attempt to perform exorcism, you cannot change someone’s sexuality. Sexuality is rigid.


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