Top 10 Social Network Pet Peeves

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Social networks are not always what they seem. They are free services that are provided with some catch. Many users also do not know how to use them. Here are some things people do with social networks that bother others. Do you feel the same way?


1. Public comments and photos:

One of the most common pet peeves of social network users has to do with comments and photos being searchable on search engines. If any employee searches a name, all comments and pictures (the good and the bad) can be viewed quite easily.


2. Misusing Twitter:

Misusing the @ sign is very common on Twitter. Users love to flood the pages of random people with products and services up for sale. Those who follow you on twitter will also receive this spam and will be flooded with streams. This also will not look good to potential employers who view your page or employers who follow your page.


3. Viruses:

You think you can trust your friends you add on Facebook and other social network. It is very common for accounts to be compromised, leading to junk emails which contain viruses being sent to your inbox. You can never be too sure what your friend is sending. There is no anti-virus to check.


4. Nothing is Hidden:

You can never keep yourself hidden on social networks. If you try to eliminate photos of yourself on Facebook, that is nearly impossible. Friends may post pictures that may not be flattering to others viewing them. These friends may have connections and networks which may come to haunt you.


5. Too Much Information:

I have a friend who constantly seeks attention. She writes posts which are paragraph long and have no end. When she needs a ride, she goes into every detail to explain why. This friend would also share private information which should not be revealed to 500+ friends. It feels frustrating when this friend never listens to advise: Keep business and pleasure separate.


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