Top 10 Things that Disqualify a Contestant/Winner from Beauty Pageant

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If applying to a beauty pageant you should make sure that you follow these guidelines.

You may find yourself without a crown if caught, just like Leona Gage.


1. Perspective Applicants cannot apply if they hold a title in another pageant system, especially if they become a delegate.


2. Improper conduct also gets contestants thrown out. The improper conduct includes that of the contestant and the family members.


3. All applicants must have a goal in order to compete in a beauty contest. In Miss. America beauty pageant, there are several scholarships for universities and those seeking to embark on a career.


4. All applicants in beauty pageants must be between the ages of 17 and 24 in most contests, such as Miss. America. They also must be a citizen of the country/state they are representing.


5. Commitment is a must in beauty pageants. A title is not just something that is given without duty. If one applies, they will need to be able to accept the roles that come with the name.


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