Top 10 Unconventional Uses of Honey

Honey contains a number of properties which help its ability to fight infection and promote healing. Its high sugar content helps it drain infection and fluids from wounds through osmosis. Honey also prevents bacterial growth with its acidic pH. Its enzyme also produces small portions of hydrogen peroxide.

As such, here are 10 unconventional uses of honey. The usages date back to Zeus and how he was saved by the bees who were feeding him honey.


1. Antiseptic:

It could be used as an antiseptic on a wound when injured. The honey is pure, so it cannot cause any harm to the body. No dirt would touch the wound.


2. Athletic uses:

Honey is drunk right before an athlete has an important event. It helps enrich their calcium and mineral levels when performing extreme activities.


3. Anti-biotic:

One woman had a 20 year old wound which was anti-biotic resistant and filled with bacteria. The pain was excruciating and there was nothing anyone could do to help her. In August of 1999, she read an article about honey and its healing powers. She applied the honey to the wound, which healed after a while.


4. Baldness:

Honey has been used as a therapeutic agent to cure baldness. It has been used to slow down the process of hair loss.


5. Gastro-Intestinal Problems:

Honey has also been used to cure gastro-intestinal problems. The first reference to this was in the Bukhari and Moslem Hadith books. Ever since, Muslims have used honey cure many disorders like Diarrhoea.


6. Gastro-enteritis:

Similarly it has been used for gastro-enteritis problems. It orally rehydrates individuals (especially children) with the disorder.


7. Acne/Facial Treatment:

Combine honey with oatmeal and you have your homemade facial/acne treatment. There is no need to buy expensive facial treatments.


8. Ulcers:

Many individuals who have ulcers also take honey. A clinical trial showed that patients who took 20mg of honey 4 times daily had less severe pains caused by ulcers.


9. Arthritis Cure:

Make a paste with water, cinnamon and honey and apply to the spot where you feel pain. The pain will disappear with this remedy.


10. Curing infertility:

In Ancient times people used honey and cinnamon to cure infertility and to increase semen. Women are using this too to help them conceive better, especially in China and Japan. They rub the two items on their gums.


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