Top 10 Unconventional Uses of Honey

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6. Gastro-enteritis:

Similarly it has been used for gastro-enteritis problems. It orally rehydrates individuals (especially children) with the disorder.


7. Acne/Facial Treatment:

Combine honey with oatmeal and you have your homemade facial/acne treatment. There is no need to buy expensive facial treatments.


8. Ulcers:

Many individuals who have ulcers also take honey. A clinical trial showed that patients who took 20mg of honey 4 times daily had less severe pains caused by ulcers.


9. Arthritis Cure:

Make a paste with water, cinnamon and honey and apply to the spot where you feel pain. The pain will disappear with this remedy.


10. Curing infertility:

In Ancient times people used honey and cinnamon to cure infertility and to increase semen. Women are using this too to help them conceive better, especially in China and Japan. They rub the two items on their gums.


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