Top 10 Smartest Moves President George W. Bush Made While in Office

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The moves of George W. Bush are being assessed based on leadership, decisiveness, foreign standing, crisis management and vision. Bush may not have been popular, but he was elected twice. His job was not the easiest and he did succeed in the following 10 areas.


1. No Child Left Behind:

The act was passed in 2001 by George W. Bush when he took office. It affected all students who attended the public school system. Funding for education since the act increased from $42.2 million to $54.4 million. Standardized tests were implemented to assess student learning. Schools doing poorly would be provided with assistance from the federal government.


2. Aid to Africa:

In 2003, Bush sent $15 billion dollars of aid to Africa to help prevent AIDS in the region. He was very popular in the region as a result. He furthermore contributed to advancing the United Nations millennium project.


3. Lift Ban on Off-Shore Drilling:

Oil Prices rose in 2003. Bush took action by lifting the ban on off-shore drilling. This ban allowed US to use the oil on their property. This action reduced oil prices by 20 cents. In the short term, it was effective.


4. 9/11

Bush was faced with the reality of war on September 11, 2011. He put his nation’s security as the top level of concern. Many people did not agree with his war policies, but cannot say that airports did not feel safer knowing shoes were being checked, hats were being x-rayed and bottles of liquid were not being allowed on planes. No major security breaches occurred after 9/11.


5. Peace:

Bush worked to the last day and spent his closing days as President assisting Israelis and Palestinians in drawing up a ceasefire. His policies were anti-terrorist and he took no chance with Iraq and Iran.


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