Top 10 Countries With Low Marriage Rates

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How many of us wondered which countries have the most singles? Probably almost all of us – who plan to get married.

So this may be your lucky day. If you go on vacation to one of the following countries, do look for someone there. You will likely find that someone in these destinations.


1. Colombia:

This country in South America has 2.4 marriages per 1000 people living in the country. This is surprising since 70% of the country is urban.


2. Venezuela:

This South American country has 2.8 marriages per 1000 people, according to 2006 statistics. All marriages must comply with laws in Venezuela.


3. Dominican Republic:

Dominican Republic had 2.8 marriages per 1000 people in its country. It does not stop tourists from getting married on the beach in the country and having a honeymoon there too. Many Americans also get a quickie divorce from the Dominican Republic


4. Georgia:

Georgia had 2.9 marriages per 1000 people in its country. This is the country that still widely operates bride kidnapping. The groom is able to kidnap the woman he wants and marries her.


5. Saudi Arabia:

Saudi Arabia had 2.9 marriages per 1000 people in its country. This is in a country where arranged marriage is popular. Traditionally arranged marriages take place between families which know one another and believe their children would be compatible.


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