Top 10 Things People Forget To Take With Them On Their Vacation

Surveying 50 people, here is a list of 10 common things people have forgotten to take with them on vacation. Raise your hand if you recognize one or two. Don’t be shy; we’ve all forgotten one of these things.


1. Toiletries:

Toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, soap are common things people forget to bring on vacations. They should rest assured knowing most if not all 3+ star hotels provide these amenities.


2. Passports:

This is very important to bring to the airport. You’d be surprised how many people arrive at the airport only to find out they forgot their passports at home. It is now a major requirement when going international.


3. Money/Credit Cards:

I have gone on trips where many individuals forgot to bring money or credit cards. When you go to Europe and go into small cafes, credit cards will be useless. It is important that people not forget cash when going on vacation as well.


4. Camera charger/batteries:

Spare batteries and a charger could be easily forgotten by those going on a trip. Many do not realize how many photos they take on a trip, which sucks out battery life. I know when I went on a 12 day trip; I took my camera but did not think I would need to use a charger. 9 days into the trip, my battery died and I had no charger with me.


5. Cameras:

I am a fool for these. I always think that I packed this essential item but when I get on the plane or hit the highway I realize it is not in my suitcase and it’s not in my pockets. This item left behind could cost you $10 per disposable camera.


6. Personal hygiene material:

People are going to laugh but it is true. Many underestimate the need for these things. Women, specifically, sometimes miscalculate the days in which they need it. There is no harm in bringing one thing just in case. You do not want to run around town trying to find a store which sells hygiene material.


7. Bug Repellent:

Many people underestimate the need for this item. This item is on the bottom of the things needed to pack. Yet when people arrive on a tropical island, they find themselves eaten by mosquitoes. Hotels charge double the price your regular drug store charges. If you are going to a tropical island vacation, bring this just in case.


8. Medicine:

People do not think they will get sick on vacation. The truth of the matter is that you are traveling to a different location, with different food and different environments. You never know how your body will adjust to that environment. It is always important to bring medicine with you just in case. You don’t need the whole drug mart in your luggage but you may need Tylenol and other medicine for fever and upset stomachs.


9. Insurance:

Many people get discouraged to buy travel insurance because it costs around 200 with cancellation plan. They also are discouraged by the thought of rarely getting sick. This could be quite true but if you need to see a doctor in a foreign country or get medical treatment for any ailment, it will cost you thousands of dollars. It is thus important to pack this necessity.


10. Band-Aids:

Accidents do occur and you need first aid material at hand to help you. When people forget to bring band-aids, they put themselves at risk for infections. They never can imagine themselves getting hurt or even tripping.


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