Top 10 Things People Bring To Weddings

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Do you not hate it when people forget their manners at the wedding? How many of us are annoyed with guests who do not know the customary rules? This article focuses on the things people bring to weddings that tick-off wedding parties. If you go to a wedding, do not do the following things:


1. Wear casual clothes:

Unless you are in the Middle East, it is not customary to bring casual business clothes to weddings. Wearing a golf shirt and khakis are unacceptable. If you are planning a wedding, make sure you specify the type of clothing you prefer.


2. Envelopes without Money:

I’ve seen this happen many times. People are showing their cheap side by giving a well-wishing envelop with no money. Most weddings cost $150-$200/person. The worst thing you can do for the couple is to start them off in debt. If you are one of these people, do not expect an invite to another wedding. People do talk.


3. Nothing at all:

Oh yes. Many bring nothing to weddings. Worst case scenario in the well-wishing ceremony.


4. Gifts:

Many guests do not believe in giving money as a well-wisher. Instead, they buy gifts for the couple to hide the cost they pay out. If you are going to a wedding and are a guest, do research about going to specific weddings (Russian, Buddhist etc.) Examine the customary gifts you should give. Do not make a fool of yourself.


5. Bad Manners:

Weddings sometimes do not go as planned. Guests hardly contribute to making the process as smooth as possible. Some guests are late; others get into fights, whilst children decide to dig for gold inside water fountains. I’ve seen it all and there is no respect for the people who are getting married whatsoever.


6. Dirty Laundry:

Weddings are supposed to be joyous occasions. It is a time where everyone puts aside differences and come together to celebrate. This is not always the case. You can really cut tensions with a knife.


7. Long Speeches:

Some guests bring with them long speeches which have no end. One friend in particular was talking for 30 minutes in circles. He even stopped to say ‘1 minuter’ 5 times until the DJ started to play the music over him.


8. Hypertension:

Guests and wedding parties are sometimes more hyper than the bride and groom. When things go wrong or not as planned, the wedding party is the first to freak out. Guests and wedding party members should keep their hypertension at home.


9. Unexpected/Uninvited Guests:

Never bring more than what is expected. Many guests bring unexpected/uninvited guests who are not accounted for. This causes more tensions, as the seating plans need to be rearranged.


10. Closed-Mindedness:

You have to be open minded when going to weddings. Many guests are not open and they criticize the party right in front of everyone. It ruins the mood instantly.


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  1. ian Abe

    everyone has a habit. bring something like wedding gift is a habit. its depend on the one who want to attend to wedding party.


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