Top 10 Ways People Misuse LinkedIn

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6. Not Appealing Status:

This again is not Facebook and Twitter. Make sure your statuses are appealing and are relevant to profiles. People forget, especially when Twitter automatically changes statuses on Linkedin.


7. Recommendations:

Your profile is not complete without 3 recommendations. Employers will have a hard time finding your or hiring you if your profile is not complete.


8. Headlines not properly done:

These headlines appear beside your name on search engines. They are the ones that sell you and not your name. No good headline = no good offers.


9. Not many Connections:

Connections bring networks. The site is a social networking site. Many just add only 1 connection or sometimes 2.


10. Lie:

People do lie on Linkedin, despite the fact that company profiles can be viewed on the account. If one lies, this is the place they can get caught.


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