Top 10 Vodka Brands

Vodka comes from the root word, Voda (Russian for Water). It was first discovered in Poland in the 1400s. In many European countries, Vodka is drunk as a Zakuska, with dinner and snacks like caviar. Many Europeans also drink the spirit straight up, sometimes with a lime or lemon to go with it. In North America, Vodka has been popularly branded as a mixed drink with orange juice, cranberry juice and tomato juice amongst others. Here are the top 10 vodka brands based on price, taste and luxury/prestige.


1. Beluga Vodka:

This is an exclusive liquor brand sold in selective countries such as the United States and Russia. It is produced by JDS Synergy, a company, based in Russia, which makes distilled spirits.


2. Russky Lyod

This is one of the finest and strongest Russian vodka brands. According to its website, the drink is meant for Russians who take pride in their country and its success. The picture on the bottle is that of Russia’s triumph in the battle against Teutonian order.


3. Red Star Vodka:

If you are not into buying expensive vodka, you may want to try Red Star Chinese Vodka. It uses purified water from artesian wells and high quality grains which are carefully selected. You sure are going to get drunk from this 56% alcoholic drink. Just be wise and do not drink and drive after drinking this vodka brand.


4. Chopin Vodka:

Named after the famous Polish composer, this is another vodka brand that is lavish. The company hand picks late harvest potatoes for its distillation. They distill vodka 4 times and rely on traditional copper to produce the spirit. With Chopin Vodka, you are ought to expect a smooth drink. Drink it up as a zakuska and you will not feel any effects in your month afterwards (no hangover).


5. Belevedere Vodka:

This vodka is a luxury brand sold around the world and originates from Poland. Additionally, Belvedere makes vodkas which are infused with different fruits such as oranges. It is known to be smooth, have little taste and little burn.


6. Grey Goose:

This is one of the finest Vodkas ever made. Although it is # 6 on this list, it is hard to compare this French made taste with other vodka brands. It is like comparing apples and oranges. The feeling is smooth and the stinging is lasting but in a pleasurable way. The French distill it with barley, wheat and rye.


7. Absolut Vodka:

This is a popular spirit drink sold around the world. It is the third largest brand in the world and originates from Sweden. People drinking Absolut can try the brand infused with Berries and Mango. The taste is magnificent and smooth. You will hardly feel any after effects…Well unless you drink too much…let’s say 3 or more shots.


8. Finlandia:

Produced from six-row barley, this Finnish vodka brand has been around for 400 years. It has a proof of 80 and lacks sugar in its taste. It is very dry and will be smooth on the upper part of your mouth.


9. Stolichnaya Gold Vodka:

Originating in Russia more than a century ago, this vodka is distilled from wheat and is filtered 4 times. Pepsi owns the drink in the United States after the break up of the Soviet Union. It is known to be tremendously smooth and flowery. If you want to drink vodka which will burn in your throat, this is the one. The taste will go away quickly with a slice of lemon or lime.


10. 42 Below Vodka:

Made in New Zealand, this is another vodka brand you should try out. Its taste is smooth and spotless. It always leaves a fresh and clean taste in your mouth. The name is associated with the percentage of alcohol: 42%.


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6 Responses

  1. Jack

    Monopolowa Polish potato vodka. About $20, award winning, best vodka going. Period. Grain based vodkas cannot hold a candle to potato varieties.

  2. larf

    Any article that includes absolut as a ‘top ten’ vodka can be dismissed outright. it cannot stand on its own and requires millions of dollars in advertising and gimmicks to make it profitable.
    if you wanted to have cheap/good vodka you shouldve added ‘russian standard.’
    also, zubrowka bison grass is far superior to to the bottom 5 on the list.

  3. Ian JP

    those just top 10 list vodka, actually there are many brands of vodka you have to try. after that you will see which brands is the tops.

  4. john

    If one assumes that the first attribute of vodka is light or little taste and smoothness, my vote for the best cheap vodka goes to Burnett’s.


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