Top 10 Unfamiliar Phobias

A survey of 100 phobias was presented to different study groups. Surveying 100 people, here are phobias that were unfamiliar and thought of as rare.


1. Kainophobia:

Kainophobia is the fear of newness, novelty, change, innovations and unfamiliar things. The word is Greek and is broken down into two words: Kain (new) and Phobia (fear).


2. Barophobia:

Fear of gravity. Heredity and traumatic events cause this fear. People with this phobia will become anxious, will shake and sweat and have heart palpations.


3. Bibliophobia:

Fear of books. Although this phobia is uncommon, it makes an excellent setting for certain Halloween events.


4. Ergophobia:

Fear of work. The root word comes from Ergon (Work) and Phobia (Fear). People experience gratuitous anxiety about the workplace environment. They mostly fear that their work will not be done up to expectations.


5. Gynophobia:

There is such a thing. Many individuals, surveyed, questioned whether this was for real or not. My answer is that there could be a fear of women. Many believe that this is a drive to homosexuality. Others believe it is a similar case to Cosmo Kramer in Seinfeld. What do you think?


6. Stygiophobia:

Fear of hell. Everyone, surveyed, believed they have had a fear of going to hell but could not pinpoint the name of the actual term. Interestingly enough, this is the name that came up in my research.


7. Peladophobia:

Fear of Bald People. I still believe that this is just people’s personal taste.


8. Keanuphobia:

This was mentioned in the survey under others. I really did not know it existed until I searched it. It actually meant the fear of Keanu Reeves. It was depicted in Dean Koontz’s book, False Memory. Interesting, to say the least.


9. Geniophobia:

Fear of chins. Interesting enough….not many have heard about this fear. People become breathless, dizzy, nauseas, sweaty, sick, dry, shaky. They will also feel heart palpitations and have the inability to speak or think clearly


10. Papaphobia:

Fear of popes. This fear is felt by children mostly when they first encounter religion and the Catholic Church.


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  1. Jenni

    Venustraphobia -fear of beautiful women- is my favourite of all weird phobias 🙂 Even though it’s not on the list. Beautiful women scare the shit out of me. It’s like they have some supernatural power to be that beautiful. It’s impossible, how can they loke like that! It’s scary if someone is totally perfect with no flaws at all. If some girl is too attractive I get a serious panic attack if I have to talk to her. And yes, I’m bisexual.


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