Top 10 November 9 Events

November 9th is a significant date in world history. Major historical developments and events occurred repeatedly on this date. For example in 1918, November 9 marked the end of the First World. In 1989, the same day coincided with the fall of Berlin Wall. Almost 200 years before that, Napoleon annexed France and became an emperor on November 9, 1799. As such, many historians believe that Modern History began and ended on the same date.

Top 10 November 5th Events

November has 3 significant dates in its calendar: November 5, November 9 and November 11. November 5th was a tumultuous day throughout history. History was continuously made by women and African Americans in the United States, rebels and anarchists. As such, here are the top 10 November 5th events.

Top 10 Music Adaptations

The following ten music adaptations and remakes have been successful. They stick with viewers for long periods of time. Additionally, they have defined history and have left a mark on those who love the older songs, whilst still bringing in newer and younger audiences.