Top Ten Software Companies

Application software enables the computer system to run and examples include Windows, Linux and Mac OS amongst others. Application software on the other hand enables PC users to be able to do their day to day activities on the computer, e.g. surfing, word processing, gaming and desktop publishing.

Top Ten Psychologist

The list below offers an overview of the top ten psychologists that were ranked as per the survey that was carried out. These persons are not only the best thinkers but also played a part in revolutionizing the history of psychology.

Top Ten TTC Acronyms

TTC has a number of acronyms. Many are funny and others are quite popular amongst those living in specific regions. Here are the top 10 TTC acronyms, funny and businesslike.

Top Ten Successful Painters

The most luxurious paintings are not automatically the best. The auction prices presented by some private art galleries are usually ludicrous however some of the most marvelous paintings are normally showcased in museums and public art galleries.

Top 10 Survival Skills

Imagine you are stuck on an island away from humanity. What if there was a natural disaster (god forbid) and you needed essential skills to survive? What skills would you require to get through an emergency?

Top 10 Tennis Racquets

When buying a tennis racquet, people look for power, stability, control, grip and weight. Utilizing these categories and the preferences and successes of professional players, I’ve compiled a list. Here are the top 10 tennis racquets.

Top 10 Uncoventional Hangover Cures

Do you love to drink? Do you dread the consequences of drinking the morning after? Here are some methods you probably have not tried yet to prevent and/or eliminate hangovers.