Top 10 Worst Habits Children Have

Don’t you hate when your child does something gross? Which parent’s mouth would not drop to hear their child say something they never expected them to say? We all have. The reality is that many children pick up on bad habits and addictions. Here are just 10 worst habits children have. As parents, we should adjust our parenting styles to ensure these habits are eliminated.


1. Picking their noses

This is a disgusting habit children have and sometimes carry to their adulthood. North American children created a song for those who pick their noses, “circle, circle dot, dot, now I got the coodie shot.” Those coodies in the nose are there to protect the child/adult from viruses and infections. Always have a tissue to clean the finger and try to divert the child’s attention away from the habit.


2. Scratching behinds

There is a saying that stipulates that children have needles in their behinds. Something is scratching all the time and makes them move around. Scratching behinds, similarly, is another habit that is done in the home and on the street. Gross.


3. Thumb sucking:

This habit begins when the child is a baby. They usually gain this habit because of teething issues. If your toddler is still sucking their thumb, parents should gradually teach them not to. Otherwise, all the bacteria on children’s hands are going into their mouths.


4. Bad Language:

Children pick up cues and language of adults fast. Albert Bandura’s experiment with the Bobo doll is an example of that. If a child hears parents use bad language, they are prone to repeat it in their day to day conversations.


5. Eating junk food:

Children are prone to be addicted to fast food. Just look at the streets in Canada and the United States and you will see what I am talking about. Obesity is on the rise. Some children prefer burgers made by fast food restaurants over homemade ones. That is usually no fault other than the parents who spoil them.


6. Video games/Television:

If you give a child the chance to skip school and play video games and watch TV, they will gladly take that opportunity. Most children spend at least 5-6 hours a day playing video games and watching television. Some even die from being too obsessed with winning. This is a darn shame as there are other healthier opportunities for them.


7. Smoking:

Although the minimum age for smoking in many countries is around 18 to 21 years of age, children still experiment with smoking. Many children try their first cigarette at around the age of 12 or 13. One cigarette could get them addicted for life.


8. Biting:

Children are known to bite things and people. Parents should sit down to discuss the inappropriateness of such actions. If the behavior follows, negative reinforcement should be taken.


9. Arguing/Talking Back:

Many have heard children say the following 4 phrases to parents, guardians, teachers and other adults: 1) you’re not the boss of me; 2) I don’t want to; 3) No and 4) You’re not my mother. Children are glowingly aggressive and rebellious. It could get worse if parents do not step in at an early age.


10. Tattle Tailing:

This says it all. Children are known to tell on others, especially their siblings. No secret is ever safe with children, especially when they are mad. Revenge is the first thing on many children’s minds. Parents should not reward snitches who tattle tale. Rather, they should talk to children about minding their own business.


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