Top Ten Ways to Make People Believe You are Not Drunk

Drinking is fun, drinking is enjoyment, drinking is stress reliever, but drinking can sometimes become really dangerous if you have to go home after drinking. Your mom or dad might thrash you if they found out that you are drunk. Or let it be any social formal gathering where you have to be absolutely decent. Now, how to overcome this problem? How to project that you are not drunk? How can you fool people and escape a possible thrashing by making them not notice your drunken state? Well! This will be an art which you have to master with innovative ideas. Making people believe that you are not drunk when you are actually drunk will be really fun. Here are a few ways by which you can try to make an attempt to make people believe that you are absolutely in the correct senses even when drunk:


1. Do Not Talk:

This is the first important and very effective way to escape a drunken situation. Simple rule is do not talk. In other words just don’t open your mouth. This is very effective because the more you try to be silent, the more are chances for you to remain unnoticed. Even if people greet you or say a word to you, just keep it to a smile or a few nods. Try not to speak, because your mouth will emit smell of the liquor and you will be caught.


2. Move Less:

Another way is don’t try to move much. It is better for you if you remain stable without moving much. The more you move the more are chances you fumble. So better for you is to remain stable and walk or move less.


3. Walk Slow:

Walking slowly is another way by which you can actually prevent others to discover your drunken state. If you hurry up in walking you might hit on to some or other object as your mental state wont be stable. So it is better to walk slowly concentrating on the floor. This will also let you gain stability and let you escape from uncomfortable situations.


4. Take some Mouth freshener:

After you drink, the smell of the liquor stays for quiet long, and the moment you open your mouth the smell spreads and the people around you can easily make it out that you are drunk. So, after drinking put some mouth freshener or chew some gum which will suppress the smell of the liquor. This will help you to make other believe that you are not drunk. Remember that you put enough freshener that it comprehensively suppresses the liquor smell.


5. Do Not Laugh Aloud:

This is another way to at least show people that you are not drunk. Don’t laugh much or loud. Try to be as low as possible. It has always been true with the drunkard that if they start laughing loud they keep doing this for long and without any reason. So it is better you don’t laugh loud and get out of your own control. Just be a silent listener and pass a smile to people who u encounter. Better to even smile at jokes so that you don’t do stupidity by laughing loud. Most of the time drunkards  are caught because of their loud laugh.


6. Wash your Eyes after the Drink:

Washing eyes can make you look fresh. Try to spill some fresh water on your face and preferably cold water. This will make you feel really fresh and you will be in your senses. People won’t doubt you as a drunkard and you can be easily escape without getting noticed. Splashing water is actually good to neutralize the hangover.


7. Don’t talk your Emotions:

Never try to talk emotional things after you are drunk. Most of the drunkard gets extra emotional after drink and that is not good for you. Since you want to conceal the fact that you are drunk try your level best to not speak emotional things. Every drunkard is most of the time identified if he tries to get all emotional. After the alcohol start affecting your brain most often the painful part of your heart comes out and you start to speak endless emotional talks without your knowledge. This will lead you into suspicion and you will be caught. So better avoid emotional talks.


8. Drink lots of Water:

Drinking water can help you in a way. It neutralizes the effect of liquor and gives you a stable posture. Drinking water if doesn’t help just drink a glass of lemon juice. Take a glass of water and squeeze a lemon into it and drink it. This will keep you in your senses as lemon will slow down and stop the affect of alcohol. In that matter anything sour will neutralize the affect of liquor.


9. Take a Shower:

Taking a nice and cold water shower will definitely fix you up. It is really advisable to take a shower if you want to hide the fact that you are drunk. Once you take a shower you will feel fresh and normal. This will no

t make anyone feel that you are drunk at all. Taking a shower will also benefit you because if it’s a bad hangover you can get rid of it by taking a nice and cold shower.


10. Do Not Dance:


This is another important thing which will save you from being identified as a drunkard. If your family wants you to dance and enjoy with them after you are drunk, try to avoid it at any cost. The more you hop and dance, there is a chance that you feel giddy and vomit. That will be the worst thing you can do when you are drunk. The moment you vomit it’s all over for you. Any child can also identify the fact that you are drunk because the smell the vomiting emits will be awful. So please avoid dancing when drunk so that you don’t give an impression that you actually drank.


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