Top Ten Ways To Pose For A Funny Picture With Friends

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Pictures are the moments depicted in papers. We take pictures when we want to store the moment with us so that we relive it later when we really miss that moment. Clicking pictures with friends are always fun. Crazy things happen when friends get together. And to capture all these crazy things will be really a cool stuff to show the world. There are a number of ways by which you can really give some cool and funny poses with your friends. Few of the top funny poses for a picture with a friend is as follows.


1. Wear a Watermelon Helmet and pose like a Soldier:

This is one of the funny poses you could pose and die laughing. It’s a simple three step photo pose. Just take a watermelon and cut it in a semicircle form at one third portion of the sphere. Take a sharp knife and take out the melon portion without cutting the outer covering. Just make the watermelon hollow and then wear it on your head. This will leave you with a green helmet on your head. Now pose like a soldier with a stick in your hand and make funny faces.


2. Centered Eye balls:

This is another funny pose to click a picture. With your group of friends you can click a very funny picture and frame it. In this pose all you have to do is just rotate your eye balls and fix it to your nose. The entire group has to do the same thing like fixing the eyeballs to the tip of the respective noses. This will give a very humorous look. Just do that and come as close as possible to the camera, making sure all fits into the frame. The main focus should be on the faces of the entire group and stick your faces to each others.


3. Ten Head Pose:

This is also a funny pose which will really evoke laughter in anyone who sees it. All you need to do is get nine friends and make a group of ten including you. Tie a big cloth at the back of your neck. The cloth should work as a gown, the one Superman uses to fly. Now take the centre position and ask two of your friends to place their heads on your shoulder close to your head in both sides. Their body should be back of you. Similarly add two- two to each shoulder of your friends and stand in closest proximity. This will make it look like you have ten heads. Now to cover the bodies and make it look more clean stretch your hands along with the gown so that it covers all the nine bodies. Here you are a ten headed monster.


4. The 1940’s Hero’s:

This is another unique pose is take your entire group and pose like the olden times heroes. All you need o do is collect long hair wigs and thick frame eye glasses. Here is how it should go – wear check shirts and tie the collar button as well. Ask all your friends to do the same. Now put on the nicely combed long haired wigs and the spectacles and sit together for the pose. Ask the photographer to set the shooting mode as black and white and put some serious look at your faces and click. It will look exactly like the olden times heroes.


5. The Hitler Pose:

In this pose collect few of your friends and here is what you should do – wear a school uniform or any tight uniform which would look like a soldiers outfit. Draw a thick short and prominent mustache on your face. The short mustache like Hitler use to have. Now ask other friends to were short pants and school shirts just like a school uniform and wear small hats. Now pose like you are commanding them to charge forward by stretching your hands forward and ask them to put expressions as if they are really on a war. This will make an amazing picture.


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