Top 10 Odd Candy Names

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We all heard of Kit Kats, Mars Bars, Snickers and other popular brand candies and chocolates. However, there are some brands of Candy which have interesting names and flavors to them. Here are 10 Odd Candy Names. You cannot beat these names anywhere. They are funny and unique.


1. Poprs:

These are candies which come in the form of sparkling seasonings. They are alternatively known as popping candy which are seasonings for yogurt, applesauce, ice cream, and vegetables.


2. Starburst Sucks:

I wonder why Starburst would name their products this. This really does catch people’s attention, but in the wrong ways. The message is coming across as negative- would you not agree? Definetelyan odd candy name, if you ask me.


3. Fart Orzechowy:

This looks really disgusting, but again is a selling product in Poland. I hope the company knows that the first name of the candy will not sell in many countries around the world who speak English. This reminds me of products sold in Spencer’s. An odd name indeed.


4. Gud Fud Stuffed Marshmallows:

These are stuffed and bite-sized marshmallows that are not new, but are not widely available as well. They are sold widely in Japanese and Arabic stores in North America. Even though they look Japanese and have Japanese drawings, they are produced in China.


5. Circus Peanuts:

I’ve heard of peanuts and have eaten peanuts but never heard of Circus Peanuts. These are different in color (orange) and have a taste similar to bananas. When fresh, they are known to smell like nail polish remover. Ewe!


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