Top 10 Things Served with Sour Cream

Sour cream is a dairy product which is rich in fats and is created when regular cream is fermented by certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria. The bacteria is what sours and thickens the cream. The product is used mostly as a condiment in Europe and North America. People mix it with soup, add it on pancakes and other delicious cuisine. Here are the top 10 things served with sour cream.


1. Polenta/Mamaliga:

This Romanian/Italian corn meal recipe is complimented by sour cream, feta cheese and mititei (minced meat). You can substitute mitetei with strips of chicken breast in a garlic sauce and can eat it like porridge. You can also cook it like a cake before cutting a piece and mushing it with the same ingredients.


2. Baked Potato:

Many restaurants in Europe and North America have the option of baked potato with dinner. The baked potato is traditionally served with sour cream, butter, chives and bacon (optional). Many fast food restaurants like Burger King and Wendy’s serve baked potato to add a nutritional option/substitute to their menu.


3. Pancakes/Crepes:

Those who are weight watchers and/or are diabetic can put sour cream on their pancakes/crepes. Although sour cream has less sugar, it could be more fattening. Those who vie for the option of sour creams as a topping should try the light low fat version, if presented with that option.


4. Bread:

A Russian tradition is to have a sandwich with sour cream spread on top. It could be eaten in the morning with tea or coffee and could be eaten at night before bed.


5. Soup:

European dishes are meant to be served with sour cream. Hot and Cold Red/Green Borscht, Harcho, Schi and Salianka are some examples which Europeans love to mix with sour cream. The taste is better and will add icing to the cake. You can’t eat cake without icing. It wouldn’t be the same. Similarly some soups are not the same without sour cream.


6. Berries:

If people want to be romantic, they can add sour cream or even dip it in berries. Strawberries are frequently dipped in sour cream and eaten as dessert in North America and Europe. Sugar is then added for tasteful purposes. Your spouse or love of your life is sure to love this idea.


7. Dumplings:

Dumplings can also be served and mixed with sour cream. Pelemeni, the Russian dumplings are usually and frequently served with butter and/or sour cream and vinegar.


8. Nachos:

Who can forget Nachos with sour cream, vegetable and chili toppings? They are literally served everywhere in North America. Any pub you would go to would have nachos with sour cream sauce on top or on the side.


9. Enchiladas:

This Mexican quesadillas recipe is served with sour cream on top. For those who like taco bell, the enchildas and are not really the same. If they are in Toronto, they should try a restaurant like El Rinçon to get a taste of real Mexican food and Enchiladas.


10. Perogies:

Depending on the filling, these can also be topped with sour cream. If the filling is cheddar cheese or even feta cheese, sour cream toppings are appropriate. Mix it well and bon appetite.


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