Top 10 Things Paris Hilton Would Implement If President

In 2008, news rang that Paris Hilton was running for President. A music video “Paris for President” was released which examined her views. I compiled a list of 10 things she would implement. Some of these ideas are taken after what she loves and obsesses about.


1. No Prison Terms for Celebrities:

She was sentenced to 45 days in prison in 2007 for repeated infractions with driving under influence and reckless driving. She was released from prison half way through her sentence on a medical condition discharge. She was to finish her sentence under house arrest. Given the big uproar, she was sent back to prison, unwillingly. She thought it was unfair.


2. Energy Reform:

She would combine both Obama and McCain’s ideas for energy reform in response to the energy crisis. She would have both off shore oil drilling and dependency on foreign oil.


3. National Dog Day:

Hilton is a dog lover. She has three dogs; two Chihuahuas and one Yorkshire Terrier. She has created an apparel line for dogs and is often seen walking with her dog Tinkerbell. When Tinkerbell went missing, she put out a reward for $5000. Her fanaticism for dogs would likely lead to the creation of a national dog day, if elected president.


4. Pink White House:

Paris Hilton loves pink. She dresses in pink clothing and also clothes her dogs in pink. She even had a pink car, the Bentley, which got smashed backing into another car. The damage was worth $5000. If she were to become President, the White House would probably be the Pink House from that point on. An excellent and innovative idea, don’t you think?


5. Tax Incentives for Hybrid and Electric Cars:

This in her opinion would also reduce the dependency on off shore drilling of oil.


6. Kyoto Accord ratification:

Paris Hilton is an advocate for environmentalism. She works to eliminate environmental dangers faced in the globalizing world. In her song “Paris for Hilton” she advocated for the ratification of the Kyoto Accords, which many Presidents of the United States have not wished to do so far.


7. Same Sex Marriage Ban Lifted:

She is an ultimate believer in same sex marriage and that there should be a state wide law which should legalize these marriages. Her friend Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr started a blog in her name called Perez Hilton which gossips about celebrities.


8. Create a new division for the police:

The fashion police


9. Negative Gossip Banned:

She hates negative publicity when it comes to her life. She, however, loves to endorse blogs which gossip about others. This would be the first law she would enforce if President.


10. Build More Hotels for Dogs:

She would probably utilize tax paying money to build more hotels for dogs. They are a man/woman’s best friend. If she wouldn’t be able to implement this, she would enforce a law which allows all dogs into hotels.


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