Top 10 Uncoventional Hangover Cures

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Do you love to drink? Do you dread the consequences of drinking the morning after? Here are some methods you probably have not tried yet to prevent and/or eliminate hangovers.


1. Almonds:

Ted Pollard of Health911 believes that almonds prevent individuals from hangovers. The goal is to eat a few almonds before going for drinks. It will not help those who feel the aftereffects after.


2. Prickly Pears Cactus:

Eating one will eliminate nausea, inflammation and bloating people feel after a night out drinking. You may want to keep one or two inside the house if you are a regular.


3. Water:

Many people who feel hung-over feel they cannot eat or drink. Not drinking is a big mistake. When you are hung-over, you tend to dehydrate. The more you drink, the more soothe.


4. Pickle juice and canned fish:

This is what Russians and the Polish used to do in the morning after. It is known as the remedy for the “dog that bit you”.


5. Mongolian Mary:

Try eating sheep eyes in tomato juice like the Mongolians. This is one method most of you have not tried yet. It is also one of the most disgusting ones yet. Many will not able to eat it as they are not acquainted with such food.


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