Top 10 Survival Skills

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6. Navigation:

Getting around a remote location will be hard without navigational skills. One, who survives, usually knows how to use a compass and a map to get their way across. Others would use celestial navigation to locate cardinal directions.


7. Mental Awareness:

You need to be mentally aware and alert at all times in order to survive. Without this, you might find yourself doomed. Stay strong and have high hopes.


8. Signalling:

People will have to be adept at providing signals to rescuers. Being tactful at placing symbols will help people be found faster.


9. Live in the wild:

When in a remote location, you may be sharing your home with wild animals. You will need to be able to possess coping skills and the ability to fend of threats.


10. Ability to withstand stress:

This is important. Again you will need to focus your tasks and be able to become independent as there may be no one else you can rely on to survive.


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