Top Ten Successful Painters

The most luxurious paintings are not automatically the best. The auction prices presented by some private art galleries are usually ludicrous however some of the most marvelous paintings are normally showcased in museums and public art galleries. No matter how much money you may have, you cannot buy the painting as they are not for sale.

For example, Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci who to date is still regarded as the best painter in the world, is the most famous and magnificent painting in the universe and hangs in a Museum in France. Whereas, the painting is tagged at a $1 billion dollars plus, it can never go for an auction. In determining the most successful painters in the world is not an easy decision as it entails establishing the durability of the painting, impact of the artist amongst his peers, present public opinion and what museums have to say about the painting.

Listed herein are the world’s top ten successful painters to have ever lived.


1. Michelangelo Buonarroti

The greatest painter to have ever lived is Michelangelo Buonarroti who lived between 1475 and 1564. He was not only a painter but also a draughtsman and sculpture. Together with Leonardo DA Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti revolutionized the world of painting in Italy. He was described by the famous historian Anthony Blunt as possessing a “superhuman qualities” in addition to “a sense of ominous, of solemn disquiet… they are no longer merely symbols of eternal beauty; they also reflect the tragedy of human destiny.” Such were the words that described this greatest painter. Some of his work includes: Genesis and Last Judgment amongst others.


2. Rembrandt Van Rijn

The second most successful painter is none other than Rembrandt Van Rijn who lived between 1606 and 1669. He has been referred to as one of the most successful painters since the Renaissance. A Dutch, Rembrandt managed to create some of the most magnificent pieces of arts ever to be seen. His work mainly revolved around genre paintings, self portraits and history paintings. His paintings are distinct as Rembrandt applied a technique referred to as chiaroscuro. Some of the master pieces to be done by Rembrandt are Jacob Blessing the Children of Joseph and The Night Watch.


3. Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso lived between 1881 and 1873 and is the third greatest painters to have ever lived. He is well famed for the Blue and Rose Periods. Other than being a gifted painter, Pablo Picasso was also talented and skilled in sculpting, designing and printmaking. His work was mainly inspired by prehistoric events, classical and Renaissance. His work functioned in creating the modern art movement that ranges from Orphism to Purism.

Some of the famous work to be done by the artist includes The Weeping Woman, The Guernica and Garcon a la pipe.


4. Leonardo Da Vinci

Even though Leonardo Da Vinci may not be as famous as Michelangelo, his works are well known world over. His work on Mona Lisa is what propelled him to fame and still remains as the most expensive and beautiful painting in the world. He mainly applied oil painting to do his works. Some of the most famous works done by Leonardo Da Vinci are Mona Lisa, Lady with ermine and The Last Supper. The painter is believed to have lived between 1452 and 1519.


5. JMW Turner

JMW Turner is by far the best landscape painter to have lived. His most famous painting, The Fighting Terneraire hangs in the London Museum. He was talented in both oil and water color painting. He was highly regarded by most of his peers at the time and he too looked upon at some of the greatest painters before him. He is best remembered for painting The Burning of the House of Lords and Commons, The Fighting Terneraire as well as Snow Storm.


6. Donatello

The sixth most successful painter is Donatello who lived between 1386 and 1466. He was the best during his times. Donatello was part of the extraordinary cluster of artist that was made up of Masaccio and Albers who pushed the initial Renaissance in Florence, Italy.


7. Claude Monet

Claude Monet who lived between 1840 and 1926 is believed to have initiated the contemporary art as he was not only a leader but also a loyal supporter t of the French Impressionism. He is most famous for Haystacks and Water Lily that took him years to finish. He was a personal friend to Pissarro and Renoir. Some of is his greatest works include Impression, Sunrise, Water lily Pond, Haystack in the Morning and Poppies near Argenteuil.


8. Raphael Sanzi

The eighth most famous painter in the world is Rapahel Sanzi who lived between 1483 and 1520. He is regarded to date as one of the most noteworthy painters of the high renaissance, commonly referred to as altarpieces, portraits and sensitive Modonnas. His most famous paintings include The Sistine Madonna and Portrait of Pope Leo X.


9. Jan Van Eyck

Jan van Eyck is not only the 9th most famous painter to have ever lived but also the greatest painter during the initial Netherlandish School. He worked together with his brother one Hubert van Eyck on the famous Ghent Alterpiece. He is known by many to have been the pioneer of oil painting. Some of the greatest works to be done by Jan Van Eyck include Man in a red Turban, Portrait of Giovanni and Ghent Alterpiece.


10. Diego Velazquez

Last on the top ten lists of the most famous painters is Velazquez. He was one of the painters to have mastered the art of oil painting. Some of the masterpieces to be done by Diego include Christ on the Cross, Las Meninas and Portrait of Pope Innocent X.


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