Top Ten Ways Of Getting Out Of Paying The Fine At The Library

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Paying fines always hurts us, whether it is for our mistake or for our carelessness. Shedding that extra money always hurts. If we earn a lot sometimes we don’t mind paying a fine, but when we have no earnings and we are imposed a fine, it becomes a trouble. And more when we have to ask parents for that fine money when we know that we will get the best scolding for that money. One such category of fine is the library fine. This is the worst sort of fine that can be imposed on you. And paying library fine from the monthly pocket money will certainly hurt you badly. Here are a few excuses you can make to avoid the fine imposed on you. These are just excuses and don’t guarantee you a reliever, but it might really work.


1. Lent the Book to a Friend:

This is a very fine excuse to be made. Just go to the librarian and say him/her that you lent the book to a friend of yours just because he needed it for a while and he has lost his library card. This might help you escape the fine. If just telling this doesn’t work out, try to catch hold of a friend and make him say the same. This might help you avoid the fine.


2. The Book was Lost, Just Found It:

This is another very good excuse. Just say that you lost the book in the class and couldn’t find it till than. Say that you found it that day only and came straight to the library. Say that someone in your class took the book mistaking it as his/her own book. You searched like crazy but couldn’t get it until that day. This might make the librarian to relieve you from paying the fine.


3. An Important Exam:

Say to the librarian that you had to appear for an important exam and you needed the book. It was a sudden announcement and you didn’t find enough time to return the book. You actually needed the book for the exam. As soon as the exam was over that day you brought the book. This will help you do away with the fine because the librarian might think its logical enough to not return the book on time.


4. Say You were Sick:

Another most commonly used excuse is “I was not well”. Mostly it works on any teacher, and on a librarian it will surely work. This trick is just go to him /her and say that you were severely ill and couldn’t make it to college for returning the book. This will make him/her to ask you explanation, so just give any good reason and say that you really were ill and you couldn’t make it to college. This will help you do away with the fine, or at least can get a discount on the fine.


5. Had a Project Extension:

This is another useful excuse to say a librarian. Just say the librarian that you had a project extension and that you needed the book for some reference. It was an important project so you had to keep the book. This will help you at least lower the fine if not evade it. And if you are really lucky you will do away with the fine as well.


6. Was Preparing Notes:

Preparing Notes can be another useful excuse. Go and say the librarian that you were preparing notes for the upcoming exam and you really needed the book. Say that you had a little more left to cover so you couldn’t return the book on the due date. This will make the librarian think that you are a sincere guy and he might leave you without charging the fine. Making notes is actually a better excuse and can really help you to come out of paying the fine.


7. You Liked The Book So Much That You Went In to Complete the Book:

Another exaggerated excuse could be that you liked the book so much that you were completely lost in the book and you didn’t realize the due date. It might work well because this is a very innovative excuse which the librarian mustn’t have heard earlier. So keeping this in mind he might at one point agree with you and give you that relaxation. But you really have to be convincing when you say dis. But definitely this is a very useful ploy to do away with the library fine.


8. Someone From Your Family was Sick:

All our relatives mostly come into use when we need to make an excuse in the college. So here also you try to use any of your relatives or family member. Say that your cousin got married recently and you had to be at home arranging stuffs, or just say your elder brother was not well and you had to take care of him at home. Come out with any excuse and say it convincingly to the librarian and surely he will forgive your fine.


9. You Confused the Return Date between two Books:

This is another excuse that will help you out of paying the fine. Say the librarian that you just messed up the two return dates and you actually returned the wrong book at the right time. This will help you to at least make the librarian think that you had a slip of mind and he /she might forgive your fine. This is a very innovative excuse and can be very handy if you are a first time defaulter. So do try this out.


10. A teacher Borrowed from You:

This is probably one of the best excuses you could give. Say that the book was taken from you by the subject teacher and he/she didn’t return the book in time. This excuse has more chances to pull you out of paying the fine. So, try out this to escape the fine.


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