Top 10 Revolutions of 21st Century

Revolutions have been transforming our world for the past decade or so. Social and Political movements have created a distinct epoch and left a mark which paved way for significant changes.

Top 10 Liberal Celebrities Who Are Outspoken

There are a few liberal celebrities who are outspoken. They stand up for their beliefs and are vocal about it. While some are irritating, others are comedic and make a good and lasting impression. Here are just 10 liberal celebrities who are outspoken. Raise your hand if you recognize 1 or 2.

Top 10 Lowest Fat Consuming Countries

Which countries are not having a balanced diet? Although food balance sheets show that there have been improvements, some countries are still at their lowest low. Many have struggled with famine, natural disasters, political inequality and social instability. These are some factors that led to the little consumption of fat.

Top Ten Rugby Teams in the World

Rugby is one of the most loved and watched sports in the world. Unlike other sports, it is a physical game and requires strength and stamina. Despite that, the love for then game has grown in leaps and bounds as tens of thousands of people still flock to watch the circuit series wherever they are happening.

Top 10 Dream Types Debunked

Dreams are images, ideas and visuals one perceives when sleeping. The contents are sometimes strange, leading to questions and/or search for meaning. The following list looks at 10 dream types and their meaning.

Top 10 Successful Reformation Leaders

During the reformation era, many leaders who went against the Catholic Church were deemed heretics and were excommunicated. Others were burned at the stake after being deemed heretics. One particular scientist was put on trial and sentenced to house arrest for going against the church.

Top 10 Signs of Bullying in Schools

Bullying is a major issue in schools. Many schools have adapted the restorative approach, which has the bully and the student being bullied sitting in a room, discussing their issues. Neither one can leave the room if there is no resolution. If you see any of the following signs of bullying, report them to the appropriate people.