Top Ten Reasons To Be Envious Of Homer Simpson

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If you had a chance to switch places with Homer Simpson, why would you do it? He is a fictional character after all. Let us dream and allow for our imagination to roam for a while. If I were Homer Simpson I’d be…

As such here are the top 10 reasons Top 10 Reasons to be Envious of Homer Simpson. These reasons lead to the second question: Why would anyone want to switch places with the character, if ever given the chance.


1. Homer Simpson never gets fired.

If he does, he somehow manages to get his job back, no matter what he does and no matter what he says to his boss.


2. Homer Simpson does nothing and gets the credit for other people’s work.

He falls asleep on the job. He also is lazy, sometimes does not know what he is doing. It is thus appropriate to switch places with someone like Homer Simpson because you can get away with just about anything. Anyone can do the job better than Homer can.


3. He balances and juggles work and pleasure quite well.

He works his shift at the nuclear plant lazily and drinks at Moe’s at night and chills with his drinking buddies. Life seems so simple for Homer.


4. People pay $1000s of dollars on education and cannot find a good paying job afterwards.

Homer Simpson is not educated; he failed college and has no science background. Yet he has been able to obtain and retain his position as Nuclear Power Plant Inspector. Who would not love to live his life and switch with him? They are handed a job, no matter what skills and experience they have.


5. How many of us wanted to really tell the American president what we think?

We probably would get arrested if we tried punching an American politician. Homer Simpson managed to do just about everything and got away with it when George H.W. Bush moved into Springfield.


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