Top 10 Rock Bands


Rock Bands have defined music history. They have revolutionized the way fans think and look. Many bands have stuck around for 40+ years, having the same spirit they had when they first started. Here are the top 10 rock bands of all time.

1. The Beatles:

Every male in Europe desired to have their hairdo done like the Beatles. The Beatles were an amiable rock band group in the 1960s and 1970s. They were also one of the most critically acclaimed groups to ever exist, receiving 7 Grammys and 15 Ivor Novello Awards. Additionally, they have been awarded with 6 diamond and 24 multi-platinum albums amongst others. Popular culture has changed ever since the Beatles. Many artists such as Brian Adams were influenced by the group and its legacy.


2. Rolling Stones:

Who can forget the two best hits: Angie and Paint It Black? Furthermore can anyone guess the origins of Britney Spears’ song “Satisfaction”? The song was a modern rendition of Rolling Stones’ classic tune. The band itself was formed in 1962 by Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ian Stewart and Brian Jones. In almost 50 years, Rolling Stones has released over 100 singles and over 2 dozen albums. They are still quite popular and are completing world tours. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards still have their groove, even in their 60s. Britney Spears would not use their songs, otherwise.


3. U2:

U2 is an Irish rock band formed in 1976 by Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. By the mid 1980s, U2 was a top international act. They won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other band and are ranked 22 by the Rolling Stones in their list of 100 Greatest Artists of all Time. Outside of their musical careers, U2 completes charity and humanitarian work to combat poverty and AIDS.


4. Pink Floyd:

Formed in 1967, they sold more than 200 million albums worldwide. They have also won 4 Grammy awards and helped define the progressive rock era. They are most significant for their introduction of fireworks and lights to their stage acts. Their song, “We Don’t Need No Education“ is still popular today, especially among rebellious kids.


5. Santana:

Santana still has the touch 42 years later with their recent hits such as “Maria”. They are a Latin rock band which has won 8 Grammy Awards and 3 Latin Grammy Awards. They are currently on tour with Michael Franti and Spearhead. Carlos Santana, the leader, was named No. 15 on Rolling Stones` list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of all Time.


6. The Eagles:

The Eagles is a rock band formed in 1971 in Los Angeles. It is one of the most successful rock bands with 5 No.1 singles, 6 Grammys, 5 American Music Awards and 6 No.1 albums. Their song, Hotel California, is still heard and loved by fans today. Gypsy Kings redid the song and sang it in Spanish with their own twist. The band is still active today. After a 28 year hiatus, they released the album “Long Road out of Eden”.


7. AC/DC:

AC/DC is an Australian Top 10 rock band, popular in the 1980s and the 1990s. It was formed in 1973 by two brothers: Malcolm and Angus Young. As of 2010, it sold 200 million albums worldwide. Their second highest selling album, Back to Black, sold 40 million units worldwide. In the US, they are 5th best selling band and the 9th best selling artists.


8. Queen:

Queen was a British band formed in 1970s. Their music was influenced by progressive rock. They released 18 no.1 singles and 18 no. 1 albums. They also won 7 Ivor Novello Awards. Their song “Bohemian Rhapsody“ was voted No.1 hit of all time in UK.


9. Aerosmith:

Aerosmith is a Top 10 American band formed in 1970. It incorporates pop, heavy metal and blues music into their songs. They have sold 150 million albums worldwide and are most recently known for their theme song in the movie Armageddon. They are still together are on tour; 41 years and going strong. All in all they have won 4 Grammy Awards and 10 MTV video awards.


10. Bon Jovi:

Bon Jovi is a hard rock group formed in 1983. They sold 130 million albums worldwide. Although they have quite a lot of catching up to do to the other 9 bands on the list, they are moving in a positive direction. To date, they have done 2600 concerts in over 50 countries and won several awards in 1987, 1995, 1996 and 2010. Their song “It’s my Life” released in 2000 was No. 1 in a number of countries. It’s been performed in all of Bon Jovi’s concerts since the release.

Article Written by Alex Noudelman

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  1. Pete

    Wow; good to know the Beatles were so influential that they influenced Bryan Adams.

    Why no Zeppelin? Perhaps because the blurbs were written by an 8th grader.

    Perhaps the Who, the Doors, Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Yardbirds, Jefferson Airplane, Van Halen, to name a few, should have made the cut, as well.

  2. lol

    Bon Jovi, really? REALLY? You couldn’t find a spot for Zepplin but you have Bon Jovi? lmao….

  3. Bill Every

    How about Rush? The longest continuous touring rock-band in rock history. NO membership change. Just 40 years of innovation and creativity.

  4. troy

    Credibility of this list = 0.

    Led Zeppelin sold more albums than EVERY BAND ON THIS LIST EXCEPT FOR THE BEATLES, over 200 million worldwide.

    Completely ridiculous.

    Bon Jovi? Queen? Aerosmith? (all Zeppelin knockoffs)


  5. Entro

    Thank God I wasn’t drinking coffee or anything when I saw Bon Jovi on this list and not Zep. For shame.

  6. Mike

    I have to give you The Beatles and The Stones, but after that you lost me. Let’s try Blind Faith, John Mayall and the Blues Breakers, Steely Dan, Chicago, Van Morrison, The Doors, and The Band!

  7. Alex

    Before anyone panics. We’ve tried to create a list that was differential from the Greatest Bands of all time. We wanted to put as many Bands as possible to give them recognition.

    YES, Led Zeppelin is on the other article.

    If we have 2 of the same articles, there would be no interest to read them. right?

  8. Expat

    ZZTop should be in the top 5.

    Also, where is Led Zeppelin, The Who, Cream, Coldplay,Creedence Clearwater ?

    The Beatles, The Stones, The Eagles, and Pink Floyd….okay.

    But, the rest ? Gimme a break !

  9. Andrew

    Jeezus … it’s Paint It, not Painted, Black. And it sure as hell isn’t “We Need No Education.” No Zep?! Three strikes – yer out.

  10. Beatnik

    I have never seen a page on this site that made any sense at all. Bon Jovi? They have two hits. Aerosmith? They stopped being a rock band in the late 80’s. Replace those two with The Who and Zeppelin and maybe you have a point.

  11. richard

    The Beatles are so not rock. Best Pop band, maybe. Paul McCartney wouldn’t know rock if it hit him in the head.

  12. belle

    Bon Jovi?? And not The Who? Who is the best band ever? Who the hell made up this list! Who are you??

  13. Steve

    Beatles, Stones, Santana–agree.

    Also agree that the Moody Blues belong on the list. Nearly 50 years after their formation, still recording and touring.

    Queen, Aerosmith, Bon Jovi? You gotta be kidding.

    But what about Yes, the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Traffic, and Cream? The first three are like the Moodies, three of the longest running acts in rock music. The other two are two of the most influential.

    Let the debate begin!

  14. Rex

    No CCR? True, no #1s, but while the Beatles and CCR overlapped, CCR actually out-sold the Beatles. Bon Jovi?

  15. Matt

    In addition to the questionable membership on the list, the article could have benefited from a copy editor. The correct titles mentioned are ‘Paint It Black’ (Stones) and ‘The Wall’ (Pink Floyd).
    Likewise, the Eagles’ hiatus was not 28 years in duration but a ‘mere’ 14, from 1980-1994 (when they launched their ‘Hell Freezes Over’ album and tour).
    As for AC/DC, ‘Back in Black’ is not their second best-selling album, it is their best. It is the third best-selling album of all time (behind ‘Thriller’ and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’).
    Bon Jovi? Really?

  16. Yancey Ward

    Ridiculous list since it omits Led Zeppelin and include Bon Jovi (and I am a Bon Jovi fan). And the Pink Floyd song was “Another Brick in the Wall Pt 2.” Seriously, whoever wrote this is more than a little ignorant on the subject.

  17. jeffersonianideal

    I used to believe the 10 Commandments were the easiest top 10 list to improve upon, until this.

  18. Paul K

    First, I don’t see Led Zepplin, which right away, dismisses this as being anything legitimate.

    Second, as good as U2 is, they do not rank above Pink Floyd. Sorry.

    Third, if you’re going to list The Eagles, then you need to list Fleetwood Mac…..both are great bands, but not in the top 10.

    Fourth, the Allman Brothers should be here.

    Fifth……Bon Jovi?? Are you freakin’ KIDDING me?? I’m surprised you don’t list The New Kids on the Block!!

  19. skoobie

    The Pink Floyd song to which you refer is titled “Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2”.

  20. dogg

    This was an exercise in futility. There are many bands way ahead of most of your listings. The Doors were probably the most unique in many aspects, especially for their time, and keep right on selling records. Zep and Yardbirds and many others were certifiably great.

  21. Joe

    No Zeppelin? Arguably the greatest rock band ever! This author ought to be arrested for stupidity and then given the death penalty. It is so obvious Led Zeppelin was purposefully excluded from the list. What a dooshbag…..

  22. RG

    1. Zeppelin
    2. Stones
    3. AC/DC
    4. GnR
    5. Floyd (Gilmore version)
    6. Beatles
    7. Hendrix Experience
    8. Foo Fighters
    9. Crue
    10. Pearl Jam

  23. RG

    The name of the band at #6 is Eagles, not The Eagles. If you don’t even know the name of the band, how could you assume to have the wherewithall to create a list?

  24. Sam

    No Metallica? No Led Zepplin? No The Who? Yet Bon Jovi and Santana make it? This list is a joke.

  25. Oldy

    No Who, Kinks, Miracles, Isley Brothers, Shirelles, Everly Brothers, Cream, The Band? Get a grip.

  26. Bube

    I agree about Zepplin, but if we’re talking longevity and album sales, Chicago definitely ranks higher than several of the bands on this list too.

  27. Sy Klonby

    Led Zeppelin not being there instantly discredits this vapid list. Cream and the Jimi Hendrix definitely belong on there. Santans and Bon jovi definitely do not. Thank you for not including KISS.

    By the way, it’s “Paint It Black”. Sheesh, I think it was written by an eighth grader.

  28. logicprobe

    Agree about Led Zepplin. And where’s the Grateful Dead? Surely their 30 year history and “deadicated” following would put them in the top ten.

  29. Ed D

    It’s “Back in Black”, not back to black. Your list doesn’t have a single southern rock band, and so it can’t be taken seriously. You actually classify Queen as a rock band? They aren’t even a band, let alone a rock band.

    You’re probably a Monkees fan too, aren’t you? Sheesh.

  30. el camino

    wow. no led zeppelin. and the beatles weren’t even a rock band. they were bubble gum teeny pop. aerosmith is a stretch, but in no way should santana, bon jovi, queen, or FREAKING U2???, be on this list, let alone so high. and the eagles had one good album. the rest is boooring zzz. there’s a reason all those other lists are the same… it’s pretty common sense that led zeppelin and the rolling stones are top 3. somehow the beatles make it all the time. i get they were good, and influential, original all that. but they were hardly rock and roll. the rest don’t really matter lol.

  31. JT

    No Zep? What gives? How is Bon Jovi on this list? Where is Rush? Where is The Who? This was a waste of time.

  32. Vince

    What a joke.

    How bout.

    1) The Doors. The most influential band and lead singer of all time.

    2) Jimi Hendrix.

    3) Cream.

    4) Allman Brothers.

    5 And of course the Who and Zep.

    Not necessarily in that order.

    Bon Jovi——slick bubble gum pop metal?

    Eagles—-Good band but don’t compare to the above.

    Queen—- They were good. Saw them live and rocked. But still the bands that were missing kick there arse.

  33. Lourenco V

    this article is a perfect example of the derelict state of American society. These “performers” are simply talented people who have become icons of rebellion against the social status quo. Their lives have often been typified by alcoholism, drug use, the promotion of promiscuity and irresponsible sexuality, having children out of wedlock, supporting anti-life policy, so on, so on. The last thing any American parent with a brain would want is to have their kid emulate Steve Tyler, Jim Doors, Freddie Mercury, or some other degenerate who happens to be a good musician and has made some money but really represents behavior and lifestyle that is contrary to social stability. So much for the “Top 10″…….

  34. Vince

    Other bands that are interchangable on the list based on there individual uniqueness from older to later periods.

    Jethro Tull

    Ten Years After

    Grand Funk

    Sly and the Family Stone


    Jefferson Airplane

    Quicksilver Messenger Service

    Country Joe and the Fish

    Janis Joplin/ Big Brother and the Holding Company

    Iggy Pop and the Stooges

    The Clash

    The Velvet Underground

    Echo and the Bunnymen

    The Cure

    The Verve

    9 Inch Nails

  35. Vince

    Oops. left out four classics from the glitter era.

    New York Dolls

    T Rex

    The Sweet

    David Bowie and the Spiders from Mars w/guitar ace Mick Ronson who went on with Ian Hunter from Mott the Hoople fame.

  36. Steve

    I’d also add Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. While not the best, they have to be the most underrated. They keep on performing and are one of the best bands to see live.

  37. gobot

    I will be subscribing to your feed. Important points were made here. Thanks for sharing.

  38. Elle

    I have heard about the Beatles, Rolling Stones. Seems that i am really not good at collecting information. What a pity!

  39. Moe Mars

    In my humble opinion, I would discard Santana, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi. They’re great, but I don’t think they should be into this list. I’d rather consider Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Van Halen, Metallica, Guns n Roses, Nirvana, Radiohead or Panthera. I believe these bands are much more influential.

  40. Hard Rocker

    What the heck! Where’s Led Zeppelin? Black Sabbath? Van Halen? Def Leppard? Metallica?

  41. Sahab

    he’s not a rocker man….
    he is the one not a band….
    he has a latin guy…..

  42. druv

    its incomplete without Scorpions And Led Zepplin , i think you never heard of em .and what the heck is santana doing in the list?

  43. total

    This list is so totally not right!!!!!!!!!!!! Zeppelin is was and forever will be, hands down the greatest rock band ever, and lets not forget our Canadian cousins Rush. This supposed to be be rock, not some mamby-pamby weird list. Yes, the people listed here are good or great, but in another category. This is rock……

  44. Dan

    AC/DC album is “Back in Black”, NOT “Back to Black”.. And the song by Pink Floyd you’re talking about is caled “Another Brick in the wall part II” NOT “we don’t need no education”… I suspect the person who ‘s behind that list never heard (of) those band before (ever)… So what kind of weird list do you expect here..

  45. adam

    really! bon jovi and no led zepllin. This is the 1st and last top 10 list i view on this site…

  46. Bev

    BON JOVI MADE THE LIST BUT NOT LED ZEPPELIN???!!! Whoever made up this list clearly knows nothing. Bon Jovi is a pop band not a rock band and shouldn’t even be on this list. Led Zeppelin were only the best rock band in the world.

  47. lele



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