Top 10 Worst Teachers In Popular Culture

The following list of people put a negative connotation to the teaching profession. Popular culture really does a good job at defining the bad but not the good.


1. Ms. Dolores Umbridge, Harry Potter

No one can really top this teacher who raised havoc on her pupils at Hogwarts. Her misbehaving students do not write lines with ink; they wrote them with their blood. She shuns those who do not agree with her and murders those who are not pure blood.


2. Ms. Edna Crabapple, The Simpsons

She is an alcoholic teacher who does not know how to separate her personal life from her job. In one episode, she and the principal kidnap Bart Simpson and hold him hostage to make a point clear to the Superintendent. Who can forget how she was caught making out in the janitor’s closet with the principal by her students? She is a shame to the teaching profession.


3. Mr. Cannon, 90210

This man really is a piece of work. He is a pedophile who prays on teenagers, especially those who are his students. He date raped Erin Silver and raped Naomi Clark, who were both his students. Turns out, he had a colourful past before moving to Beverley Hills as well. In England, he was wanted for the same charges.


4. Ms. Agatha Trunchball, Metilda

This principal is a nightmare. She antagonized her students, beat them and took them by the curls and threw them out the window. She had no connection to her students and all her students feared and hated her.


5. Ms. Elizabeth Halsey, Bad Teacher

What does this teacher not do? She curses at her students, drinks alcohol in front of them, smokes marijuana and sleeps in class. Is that a good role model teacher? Absolutely NOT!


6. Mr. Woodward, Malcolm in the Middle

This teacher took things too far. He caught a student cheating and was literally out to get him.

He did everything in his power to make Reese Wilkerson fail his class so that the latter’s parents would send him off to a special education school. He puts a negative connotation to special education and makes it look like students cannot improve.


7. Mr. Ratburn, Arthur

Schools are supposed to be an engaging institution. Teachers are supposed to take the leading role in providing an education that is fun for everyone. Lectures should not be given. Furthermore, students should not be assessed on how well they can memorize or do things. Everyone has their own way of doing things. Mr. Ratburn seems too authoritarian and never is able to connect with his students…well except when he moved in with Arthur.


8. Mrs. Jeepers, Vampires Don’t Wear Polka Dots

Mrs. Jeepers took over the Grade 3 classroom at Bailey Elementary School. The class was in disarray and were misbehaving. Mrs. Jeepers changed everything with her brooch and her vampire special powers. Did she really have to mesmerize and hypnotize her kids? What principles does she teach to those who are in the profession?


9. Ms. Sue Sylvestor, Glee

This coach on the Fox Television show Glee does not believe in the success of some extra-curricular activities. She did everything possible in season 1 to sabotage the glee club at her school. She even helped the cheerleading squad try to help her mission. Teachers are supposed to promote success and student ideas and not turn them down, in a hateful manner. She later got the taste of her own medicine and things turned around.


10. Mr. Ryan Matthews, 90210

This man really is no different than the other 9 on this list. He fell in love with a cop who went undercover to be a high school student. This all happened even before he found that she was 18+. It’s hard to understand how some brains work. Why would you even have thoughts about your students in the first place? Interestingly enough…he kept on teaching.


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