Top 10 Reasons People Choose Not To Get Married

Surveying 100 people, here are the top 10 reasons why people choose not to get married. Do you feel the same way? Share your feelings.


1. Isolation can lead a person into a speedy marriage.

A speedy marriage is not a solution to many problems. Some feel they are even more bored and lonely and will not want to be married.


2. Less Stress.

Some believe that marriage causes stress and that living a single life can increase your chances of living a longer life.


3. Many people just do not have enough funds to get married.

A wedding costs around $30-75,000 to prepare. They thus wait or live as common-law.


4. Some people love living on their own and cherish their alone time.

They simple are not ready to commit to a relationship and sharing with another person their lifestyles.


5. Previous marriages and divorce discourages others from remarrying.

The whole idea of soul mates and till death do we part has been shredded to pieces. Many have also come from abusive homes and are not yet trusting of another person in their lives.


6. No one snores.

My friend gave me this as an excuse: no one snores. He has a problem with the other person snoring. I believe that is partly the reason for not marrying.


7. Expenses are doubled once you marry.

Birthdays, Valentines Day, Gifts, Anniversaries etc. Some people cannot and do not want to think about this. Many think they will be in bigger debts while married.


8. No need to worry about food items that you buy.

Many people who are single just buy and eat the foods they like. When married, they have to make concessions.


9. Some people just have a hard time sharing.

My philosophy is that sharing is caring. If you cannot share or care, your actions are speaking louder than words.


10. Partying, social life is more important.

One of my friends does not want to get married yet. She wants to enjoy single life. She wants to travel, hangout and party. She is almost 27 and said she would not marry until 30.


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