Top Ten Tasty Non-Vegetarian Dishes

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It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Whereas, there are those who may want to debate the issue, the fact is it holds water not just to a man but to women too. Each society has its own culture that relates to food. There are some that have gained fame internationally, such as, Indian, Chinese and French cuisines. If you can’t find these locally, and love to travel, you need to make a point to try out the following tasty cuisines.


1. French Cuisine

Beginning with the Middle Years that which brought about plentiful feast to the French Revolution, where sophisticated methodologies were applied, French cuisine can be referred to as in the 21st as the “haute cuisine”. It is as widespread as the poetry. A hearty French meal can be compared to as a day at the theaters. One of the dominant components of French cooking is pastries. Cheese and Wine are also known to accompany a French meal. Contemporary restaurants get their inspirations from French culture.


2. Italian Cuisine

At number two and one of the oldest cuisines in the globe is Italian cuisine. Its roots can be traces to as early as the 4th century. It is regarded as part of the present century discoveries. It is regarded as the first cuisine to make use of multiple ingredients in its preparation, i.e. maize, pasta, potatoes, meat and tomato pepper amongst others.


3. Chinese Cuisine

Owing its roots to various parts of China, Chinese cuisine is on of the most sort after and eaten cuisine in the world today. Recent statistics reveal that it is consumed by a third of the population in the globe each day. The cuisine is the simplest to make, inexpensive and above all sumptuous. A majority of the meal is made in bite-size bits since the Chinese culture consider forks and knives to be weapons. Normally, each person sited at the table is handed a bowl of rice whereas the other foods are shared by all who are on the table. There are those meals that are prepared from endangered species, e.g. facai moss and some from animals you will want to avoid at all cost, e.g. dogs


4. Indian Cuisine

If there is a stylish and assorted cuisine the world over, then it has to be the Indian Cuisine. There is no part of the world where you will go to and miss the tasty Indian Cuisine. Indian foods are also referred to as Punjabi. Indian cuisines are divided into three main categories, i.e. South, East and West. Whereas there are those which are vegetarian, due to changing culture and the need to appeal to a global audience, there are some Indian dishes that include chicken, goat, fish and lamb meats. A distinct feature of Indian cuisine is the hot flavor. If it is your first time to eating spicy Indian food, it is recommended that you begin slowly.


5. Thai Cuisine

After tasting the Thai food made of hot, acerbic, tart and sweet taste, you will want to visit the country and see its rich culture. The dishes are identified by the utilization of fresh herbs and savors that range from fresh coriander to lime juice. It bears close resemblance to most Asian cuisines and as such, has rice as one of the main components. Some of the popular aspects of Thai cuisine include raw beef, fried insect larvae and tumult fish.


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