Top 10 Ways To Fool A Tricky & Pesky Telemarketer

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Have you ever been bothered by a telemarketer selling you fraud vacations or fraud services? Have you also been harassed by a telemarketer who does not know “no” for an answer. How many times were you interrupted by the sound of your captain speaking, telling you that you won a trip for 2 to the Caribbean? We’ve all be through these situations. It seems you sometimes have to play their games to get rid of the constant calling.

This article is meant to criticize telemarketers who make you go through a survey to get a prize. The prize is not always what people expect. Before agreeing to anything, people should read the fine print. Here are top 10 ways to get rid of ‘fraud’ Telemarketers for good.


1. Speak another language:

If you speak another language, this is your perfect opportunity. Utilize your language skills to distract the caller/telemarketer. They hopefully will get the message within seconds.


2. Put the phone down:

Telemarketing is in the business of making sales and reaching quotas. As soon as they call, put them on hold and just let them stay there until they hang up. This will prevent them from harassing you and will know not to call again because this may be the same response.


3. Dominate the conversation:

Telemarketers always want to be in control of the conversation. They are taught to be the leaders and be as innovative as possible when making calls. Don’t let them ask questions, be in control by wasting their time. They will eventually get the picture and leave the conversation. Otherwise, their jobs could be on the line.


4. Turn the tables:

Turn the tables on them and state that you have the same package as them and offer them a similar deal. Tell them that you will agree if they will agree to yours. Most telemarketers will not be interested. They are just doing their job and making money.


5. Gadgets:

Now there are gadgets which recognize telemarketing calls. They use a system which goes through a checklist of what to look for in telemarketing calls. If the gadget finds that it is indeed a telemarketer calling, they will state that the number has been disconnected. Most companies will then delete your number off their list.


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