Top 10 Tennis Tournaments

The following is a list of popular tennis tournaments which are famously shown around the world. The revenues for these events are in the tens of millions of dollars; some garnering 100s of millions.


1. Wimbledon:

Originating in 1877, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. It is also one of 4 grand slam tournaments to be held. Interestingly enough it is still played on grass rather than pavement.


2. French Open:

The tournament was named after a famous aviator, Roland Garros, and is one of 4 grand slam tournaments. It usually is held between late May and early June of every year. The tournaments originated in 1891.


3. US Open:

Held in August and September, the tournament is the final grand slam competition. The tournament was first held in 1881 and only included men. Women were allowed to play since 1887.


4. Australian Open:

Originating in 1905, it is one of 4 grand slam tournaments. It is held in Melbourne in the crux of Australian summer. The 2010 tournament had 653,860 attendees.


5. Rogers Cup:

This is a tennis tournament that is held in Toronto and Montreal alternatively every year. Competitions are held every August since 1881 for men and 1892 for women.


6. Davis Cup:

Originating in 1900, it is a tennis tournament for male competitors. 137 countries take part in the tournaments which are held every year. The 16 best national teams are allocated to the World Group where they contend for the Davis Cup. Those who are not chosen to compete in the World Group, go to the Americas, Asia/Oceania or Europe/Africa zones.


7. Cincinnati Open:

This is a hard courts tennis event that is held every year in Mason, Ohio. The event began in 1889 and is the oldest tournament to be played in its originating city. It is part of the Masters 1000 at the ATP World Tours.


8. Sony Ericsson Open:

This is a tennis tournament that is held in Miami for both men and women competitors. It is an ATP World Tours Masters 1000 event and is held annually in March.


9. Bell Open:

This is a WTA tier 3 tennis tournament held in Quebec City since 1993. The tournament is played indoors and has been played by those who went on to win the Grand Slam, including Maria Sharapova.


10. Hopman Open:

The tournament is held every January in Melbourne, Australia. It is the official team competition of the ITF.


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