Top 10 Dream Types Debunked

Dreams are images, ideas and visuals one perceives when sleeping. The contents are sometimes strange, leading to questions and/or search for meaning. The following list looks at 10 dream types and their meaning.


1. Lucid Dreams:

This is a dream where you are aware that you are dreaming. Easily manipulative, these dreams do not have any major significance. One can better master lucid dreams through meditation and relaxation. It is up to the individual whether they want to stay in the dream or not.


2. Being Pregnant:

This is quite common and is dreamed by both men and women. The dream represents a new life and a new beginning for the individual. This could mean growth and usually is a positive sign.


3. Winning Lottery:

I think we all dreamed this on more than one occasion. We all would like money and to be rich. It is meant to give you an inner holiday for a few hours where all material problems have disappeared.


4. Rats/Rodents:

Many individuals who dream of rodents such as rats have unworthy thoughts in their head. The feelings include guilt, envy and may rot away in your gut feeling.


5. Sexual Dreams:

Many dream that they are in the middle of a sexual intercourse. Many are shocked at their actions while having sex in their dreams. Many argue that if we have high urges in real life, they tend to come up in dreams.


6. Problem Solving:

We face problems day in and day out. We feel compelled to find a solution, but are constantly stuck. Through the unconscious, a person dreams of a solution to his/her problems. This solution tends to guide the person to solving his/her problem. Many times when a person wakes up, he/she cannot remember his/her solution.


7. Physiological Dreams:

Many dreams produce something that you need or tell you to do something that needs to be done. This usually means just that. If you hear a phone ringing in a dream, it is most likely a phone ringing in your home or room.


8. Death:

Dreaming that you die symbolizes the end of something in your life…a job, marriage etc. Dreaming that someone else dies extends their life. I had no such luck once. My friend’s mom died 7 hours after I dreamed her death. The dream accurately displayed the events that ensued 7 hours later.


9. Nudity:

This was Sigmund Freud’s favorite dream. They usually signify guilt and superiority. The person is shocked and appalled at being in public places and nude in their dreams. Fault and guilt are usually the meaning.


10. Teeth-less:

This again signifies is insecurity and something is missing in your life. We all have dreamed this once in a while. This usually happens when one is transitioning in life.


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