Top 10 Lowest Fat Consuming Countries

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Which countries are not having a balanced diet? Although food balance sheets show that there have been improvements, some countries are still at their lowest low. Many have struggled with famine, natural disasters, political inequality and social instability. These are some factors that led to the little consumption of fat.


1. Burundi:

Burundi consumes 10g of fat. The country is one of the poorest in the world. 60% of its population lives in slums and extreme poverty. Many citizens of Burundi are farmers who cultivate crops such as coffee and tea.


2. Ethiopia:

Ethiopia consumes 19g of fat. This is surprising as the country is the second oldest independent African country. Within recent years, Ethiopia has made progress. It now has one of the highest performing economies in Sub Sahara Africa.


3. Rwanda:

Rwanda consumes 19g of fat. The country itself is landlocked and is poor in terms of its resources. 56.9% of those living in Rwanda in 2006 were below the poverty line. 37.9% of those living below poverty line lived in extreme poverty.


4. Democratic Republic of Congo:

Democratic Republic of Congo consumes 23g of fat. This is one of the most back-tracking countries in the world. Those who live below the poverty line are rural. 1/3 of the rural children are malnourished because they live in poverty. The inequalities between the rich and the poor in the country are becoming extreme.


5. Bangladesh:


Bangladesh consumes 27g of fat. It is ranked third in the world in terms of the level of poverty. The country is predominantly rural; 85% live in rural lands. 20% of those living in rural lands are living in poverty.


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