Top 10 Liberal Celebrities Who Are Outspoken

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6. Matt Damon:

This actor is anti-war, anti-Sarah Palin and anti-conservative in one shot. His anti-war film The Green Zone was a huge hit and many Americans loved him for the role. In fact in 2008, he made fun of Sarah Palin for being a hockey mom and was loved no less for it. Although, many argue that he is a sexist pig in many ways for that.


7. Ben Affleck:

This actor is very vocal about his values as well. He campaigned for Obama in 2008 Presidential Elections. He criticized Tom DeLay for corporate and political bribery. He is also opposed to war and the Republicans in leak-gate scandal.


8. Oprah Winfrey:

She made her stance really clear on Larry King Live. When asked what she thought about someone wanting her president, she asked them to vote for Obama. Obama is a clear liberal with liberal values.


9. Brad Pitt:

This actor is another outspoken liberal. He hung a banner at his home in support of John Kerry. Additionally, he supported California proposition 87 which sought to tax oil companies. He is a large advocate for alternative energy.


10. Jon Stewart:

This comedian devoted 1 whole episode to the 9/11 health care bill in 2010. This bill would give workers and others affected by 9/11 the Medicare assistance they need. In 2004, Stewart also went after conservative Tucker Carlson and his acts on CNN, causing the latter his career on CNN.


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