Top 10 Reasons Why Mainstream Media Are Not Covering Occupy Wall Street

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The mainstream media are finally covering the Occupy Wall Street Story! reported that there was an increase to nine percent in two weeks. Jon Stuart has described this as a media blackout to media circus transition.

Interestingly enough, the radical news channel, Fox News reported the story all along, without its logo. New York Times had one blog about it, while Toronto Star had a column published. Here are 10 reasons why many mainstreamed media initially did not cover the story?


1. Mainstream media criticizes the demonstrators for acting like anarchist hippies. Hippies were 1960s and 1970s peaceful protestors who opposed war and other policies government enacted.


2. Corporate media outlets almost never visit the crowd and rarely listen to what they are saying. They rather report from across the street and are on standby for violence and arrests. If they do not visit, they cannot report!


3. The movement attacks mainstream media because they are owned by large corporations. This means that the knives are being thrown at the media themselves. If the media show up, they may be caught in the whole chaos.


4. also argues that mainstream media are not well equipped to deal with such protests. They thus simplify the whole situation and examine how activists protest corporate greed.


5. Mainstream Media are covering the protests but from a different location. They are holding interviews at Zuccotti Park where many protestors are from.


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