Top 10 Signs You Bought The Wrong Gift

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When you buy a gift for someone special, you often make mistakes. Some people miss signs which point towards just that. Here are 10 signs no one should ignore.


1. Shock:

Many people are shocked when bought a gift they never expected. That shock is sometimes mixed in with disappointment, especially in children.


2. Yelling:

Many people would yell if they are unsatisfied with the right gift. Others feel it undermines the relationship and are thus disappointed. This is usually a cue to return gift and buy the right one.


3. Ask for Price:

Many start asking the cost of the gift. This is usually done to find out whether the person was cheap or not. They also may not see the value or the worth of the gift given or traded.


4. Poker Face:

Some try to put on a poker face. There usually is no reaction when the improper gift is given. If you do not get a warm response that usually means that you have not passed the test. Be careful, poker face usually is coupled with other things on this list.


5. Physical:

Many people become physical as soon as they learn of your deceit. They will kick and hit until they get what they want. If you are wondering what this is about, go on Youtube and watch a clip called ‘Merry Christmas bitch’.


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