Top 10 Unusual Questions In Sex Ed Classes

Sex Ed classes are the most popular classes amongst children in middle school. It is here that many students begin to understand the meaning of sex and conception. Students and adolescents are intuitive. They explore things and desire to know the answers.

Preteens are no different. An 8 year old boy borrows books from the library on conception, how babies are born and other sex ed topics. Once boys hit puberty, they sometimes compare the size of their penises in the change rooms.

For girls, things are different. Issues are more serious surrounding HPV, cervical and ovarian cancers. Sex ed revolves around preventative measures females could take to prevent such occurrences.

However, what are some questions students ask in sex ed classes? Let’s take a look at the top 10 atypical questions in Sex Ed classes.


1. How do Same Sex Families Function?

In 2010, Ontario Sex Ed classrooms were almost expanded to include topics like same sex families and homosexuality. Many students are quite aware of issues surrounding them. In fact, they asked questions relating to same sex families and their statuses.


2. What is Transgendered?

Many adolescents and preteens are aware of transgendered individuals. In fact, many were wondering the status of Lady Gaga’s identity and what XXY Chromosome was. The video telephone introduced this topic before students entered the classroom.


3. Why do big airplanes not have little airplanes?

Many preteens do not understand the whole sexual process. They ask questions which sometimes stun others. My friend told me that when he asked a flight attendant this question, she simply replied that big airplanes know when to pull out in time. This is not a typical question and answer you would see on an airplane.


4. Can you get STD from touching?

Many adolescents and preteens are not quite concerned about STDs. They may have heard about AIDS, but never indulged in learning about other STDS. They sometimes would have questions relating to touching. I think one individual asked whether he could get STD from sitting on a public toilet.


5. How do I masturbate?

I was surprised to be asked this question. In fact, I was blown out of proportion by this question. The student believed that a sexual position was masturbation. I really did not want to know where he learned the sexual position, so I stopped after my brief explanation.


6. Is it wrong to masturbate?

Many students would not dare to talk about their experiences. Those who did were afraid that they were doing something wrong. One even watched American Pie and cited it as his point of concern.


7. How are multiple children conceived at once?

Having multiple children at once is common. I had a few questions relating to this. Mostly students were not interested in the topic.


8. Can a Small Penis Lead to Inability to Have Kids?

This was another question that was asked out of the blue. Many who begin their teenage years should not worry about small penises, as they have not hit puberty yet.


9. Is sex in the shower safe?

Many students are taught not to have sex in a bath tub. Some questioned shower sex and whether it was safe.


10. Is marriage mandatory to have sex?

This was one question that I believe had come from adult influences.


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