Top 10 Cannibals Who Got Away With Murder

Cannibals are sadistic murderers who not only kill innocent people, but eat their flesh as well. Some of these individuals have evaded justice. This article sets to examine the cases further.


1. Issei Sagawa:

This is the Godfather of Cannibals, a name Sagawa gave himself. While in France studying he fell in love with a fellow student named Renee Hartevelt. He invited Hartevelt to his apartment to read when he had an urge to eat her. In his statement, he wanted to make her his forever. The second time he invited his fellow student, he shot her in the neck killing her instantly. Starting with her rear end, he cooked and ate her piece by piece. Given the cost of keeping him in an asylum, France decided to send him back to Japan, where he is now roaming freely.


2. Michael Woodnmansee:

This sick person was a teenager when he lured Jason Foreman into his home, stabbed him in the heart, hid him in a trunk and proceeded to eat the boy. The killing occurred on Jason Foreman’s mother’s 25th birthday, which is even worse as it is a time of celebration. It took eight years to finally put the monster behind bars. Now he is expected to roam free again, 28 years shy of his 40 year sentence.


3. Armin Meiwas:

Meiwas was obsessed with cannibalism. He was a computer technician who lived in Germany. He was accused of disturbing the peace, for killing a 43 year old engineer who consented to be eaten. As cannibalism is not a crime in Germany, Meiwas was never charged for that specific crime. He was thus sentenced to 8 years in jail for manslaughter.


4. Two mothers-Siege of Samaria:

During the Siege of Samaria, the bible reported how two mothers made a pact to eat their children. The first mother cooked her child and ate it with the other mother. The other mother was wise and she refused to cook her own child.


5. Japanese Military Secret Police:

Murder and cannibalism was widespread during WWII in Japan. Havidar Changi Ram of India witnessed one event. He narrated how an American fighter plane was forced to land in Japan. As soon as the pilot landed, he was taken away by the Go Butai Kendebo (Secret Police) and beheaded. After being cut into pieces, the meat was offered to a senior Japanese officer.

In 2011 and 70 years after, Japan apologized for its treatment of POW. Many officers were never formally charged, including Hirohito.


6. Belle Sorenson Gunness:

Between 1900 and 1908 Gunness slaughtered more than 49 people, including her husband and her children who died under mysterious circumstances. In 1908, her farmhouse in Indiana caught fire and burned to ground. Gunness was thought to be dead, until her lover claimed that Gunness faked her own death. Police found the bodies of her victims carved like turkeys. Justice was never served.


7. Hungarian nobles:

In 1514, the Hungarian peasants rebelled against the nobles. This was part of a strive between Protestants and Catholics during the wars of religion. After putting an end to the uprising, the nobles roasted the rebel leader alive and forced his followers to eat him. No one was jailed for this crime.


8. Joshua Blahyi:

In 2008, this Liberian rebel admitted to killing an innocent child and taking out the heart and eating it with comrades. This occurred during the fighting resistance to Liberian President Charles Taylor’s militia.


9. Vince Weiguang LI:

In 2008 this man killed, beheaded and cannibalized a 22 year old man right on the Greyhound Bus that was travelling the Trans-Canada Highway. Although, he was deemed criminally insane and put into a psychiatric ward, he is now allowed daily outside strolls. Law seems to be too lenient since his sentence strictly stipulated high-security.


10. Jeff Dahmer:

This sick person would have been caught earlier if it were not for ruthless police who were racists. A 14 year old boy named Konerak Sinthasomphone was found running for his life from Dahmer. Two witnesses stipulated that to the police, who believed Konerak Sinthasomphone was Dahmer’s lover (adult). They proceed to let Dahmer take back Konerak Sinthasomphone into his apartment where he dissected the latter and ate portions of his flesh. If police were more careful, 4 other murders would have been prevented.


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