Top 10 Things That Give Gas But People Are Not Aware

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6. Broccoli:

Many parents force their children to eat broccoli. Broccoli and other greens are good for the health of children and adults. All parents should remember that excessive eating of broccoli may cause gas. Broccoli contains fructose which is a type of sugar.


7. Fruit Juices:

Many try not drinking pop and other drinks which are not good for health. Fruit Juices do have sugar and they do create gas. They may be healthier but they do not eliminate gas.


8. Marijuana:

You may feel like you are on cloud 9, but there are going to be consequences. One of the major consequences is burping and farting.


9. Cucumbers:

Cucumbers have fructose inside which is a form of sugar. Many people are touched by the line “Cool as a Cucumber”. How many of you would feel cool knowing a cucumber caused you to burp?


10. Drinking threw a straw:

Interestingly enough this is also a cause of gas.



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