Top 10 Signs Of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a psychological disorder which causes individuals to have thoughts and fears in their minds, in the form of obsessions. These excessive thoughts and fears are mitigated by compulsions, prompting individuals to excessively do things in a certain way. Here are 10 signs one needs to look for in order to better judge the situation.


1. Excessive Confessions:

This is caused by a fear of doing something wrong. I never knew this was a sign and so I put it as #1 to see if readers would agree.


2. Excessive Sexual Thoughts:

We all have sexual thoughts, but those with OCD have excessive thoughts which intrude into daily activities. This is a type of obsession and many people would use a compulsion listed below to mitigate it.


3. Washing hands repeatedly:

This is a form of compulsion. This is usually done to stop obsessions and images of contamination from popping into their minds.


4. Checking things too much:

People who are obsessive-compulsive have a tendency to check things too much. This again is used to mitigate obsessive thoughts. In this situation, people may be afraid and obsessed about intrusions, so they repeatedly check if they locked all the doors.


5. Arranging:

This is an example of an obsession. Those with OCD have an obsession with symmetry and numbers. If someone misplaces their belongings or place it the wrong way, people with OCD get easily frustrated.


6. Excessive doubts:

Those who suffer from OCD may experience excessive doubts. They lack confidence and will need to use compulsions in order to make sure that everything is done properly. An example of this is the excessive calling of loved ones to see if they are okay.


7. Counting:

This is a form of compulsion. Many people with OCD use counting to help them mitigate obsessions. They are self-conscious and feel they need to stop. They, however, cannot and that becomes a problem.


8. Praying excessively:

Believe it or not people who are obsessive-compulsive have a fear of religion (obsession). They would excessively pray (compulsion) in order to mitigate their thoughts.


9. Refuse to touch others:

There are those who are germaphobes, but this is different. This is quite different than what Seinfeld made it out to be in one of their episodes. It is not voluntary and is not always triggered by someone’s actions.


10. Collecting:

Individuals with OCD may also not throw things away. They would keep things for long periods of time, with or without sentimentality.


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