Top 10 Theoretical Views Of The Holocaust

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6. Left Wing Functionalists-Hans Mommsen & Timothy Mason:

Mommsen is a left wing German holocaust scholar. He saw the Holocaust as the cumulative radicalization of the Third Reich. He also believed that Hitler was a weak dictator. There was no cohesive idea for what to do with the Jewish people.

Mason was also left wing and was a scholar who lived in Britain. He criticized Karl Bracher and Klaus Hilderbrand for focusing too much on Hitler.


7. Synthesis-Saul Friedlander:

He sees the Third Reich and Nazism as the negation of life. Holocaust for him cannot be put into words. He also sees the Holocaust as unique in history. There was no intention to annihilate Jews before 1941.


8. Synthesis: Yehada Bauer:

Bauer believes that the origins and motives of the Holocaust were ideological. According to Bauer, it was also based on the imagination and illusion of the Jewish people being inferiors and trying to take over the world.

With regard to Hitler’s role in the Holocaust, Bauer believes that there was no master plan. However, he believes that Hitler did in fact give orders to initiate the final solution sometime in 1941. He made reference to Himmler’s diary where Hitler responded to the question about what to do with Jews with “exterminate them”.


9. Synthesis: Raul Hilberg:

Hilberg believed that the Holocaust was the result of a large bureaucratic machine with thousands of contributors. For him, it was never the fulfillment of a predetermined plan or a single order by Hitler.


10. Revisionists:

There are a number of revisionists who are Holocaust deniers. This view looks at the conspiracy theories and David Irving is one of them. But the question I would like to pose to them is: How can they account for the deaths of 6 million people? They seem to go around that question without answering it. It is one view that builds on dogma.

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