Top 10 Things Kids Take From Parents’ Home

Kids love taking things from their parents without permission. They sometimes forget to give the items back as well.

Alternatively, many parents never get rid of their kids. The kids keep coming back and taking things from their parents’ home.

Here are just 10 things kids steal (meant take) from their parents without asking. I hope many of you understand that when I speak of kids, I am talking about the kids that grow up and move out.


1. Food:

Many parents still find their kids crawling back into their house and taking food from the refrigerator. Many kids are used to having someone cook for them. When living on their own, the responsibility becomes theirs. Many are lazy and just enjoy eating out. The only problem with that is money. They then turn to their parents to help them.


2. Furnishings:

The motto here is…if they like it…they take it. If they like something they see at their parent’s house, they try to take it. From carpets to cup holders, kids love to collect furnishings from their parents’ house to their own house.


3. Appliances:

Kids love having parties. They thus borrow appliances such as barbecues and toasters from their parents. The only problem is that they become Homer Simpson and never return it or just forget about it.


4. Electronics:

The first thing kids take with them is electronics. From boom boxes to televisions to stereos, kids love taking electronics. They figure that their parents hardly would need them. They thus borrow the electronics for an unknown period of time.


5. Money:

There have been cases where kids would come to the home take money from their parents’ wallets/purses. They would not announce it until they are out the door. One parent quoted their son as saying “Mom I need $20, I’ll pay you back.”


6. Alcohol:

I’ve founds kids sneaking alcohol out of their parents’ houses. Many are resourceful. In fact they slip some alcohol into water bottles, not to be caught.


7. Cars:

Kids do love taking cars. Many do not even inform their parents that they have taken the car. Many parents only find out about it when they open the garage door or look outside. Many teenagers even try driving the car before they get a license. This idea could be fatal.


8. Clothes:

This is my favorite part to talk about. Many kids, when they go to live on their own, forget to clean their clothes. In fact, many have a whole pile of laundry they never got around to cleaning. They thus turn to their parents to find clothes they can fit into to wear.


9. Kitchen Ware:

When moving into a new home or a dorm, many kids take these items as well.


10. Home Décor:

Anything that will help them make the home pretty, they will take. Many just never ask until the parent wonders where the items went.


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  1. Barry

    Please explain how you go from kids liking to have parties, to this requiring them to steal toasters.


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