Top 10 Things Kids Take From Parents’ Home

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6. Alcohol:

I’ve founds kids sneaking alcohol out of their parents’ houses. Many are resourceful. In fact they slip some alcohol into water bottles, not to be caught.


7. Cars:

Kids do love taking cars. Many do not even inform their parents that they have taken the car. Many parents only find out about it when they open the garage door or look outside. Many teenagers even try driving the car before they get a license. This idea could be fatal.


8. Clothes:

This is my favorite part to talk about. Many kids, when they go to live on their own, forget to clean their clothes. In fact, many have a whole pile of laundry they never got around to cleaning. They thus turn to their parents to find clothes they can fit into to wear.


9. Kitchen Ware:

When moving into a new home or a dorm, many kids take these items as well.


10. Home Décor:

Anything that will help them make the home pretty, they will take. Many just never ask until the parent wonders where the items went.


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