Top 10 Types Of Women Men Run Away From

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Even though dating is not exactly easy, many men are out there looking for that special woman who matches their expectations so perfectly that they will never want to be alone ever again. However, how you get to meet that person and start a relationship with her does not follow a predefined pattern. Since dating brings up several aspects you did not know about yourself, you may even come to discover that your soul mate is someone you would have not expected. It could be the fact that men and women have different opinions about how to choose their life partners, but during your search for that special someone, you will encounter several types of women whom you should avoid.


1. The overly attached women

overly attached women

Since every man (and woman for that matter) requires his own space and time alone, the last thing you want to do is get involved with somebody who cannot offer you this, especially following the first few dates. Therefore, if you find yourself in the unpleasant situation where you are reluctant to answer the phone because of her consistent calls about nothing at all, it is better not to get involved in the relationship. The phone calls and inopportune visits will not cease and will only get worse in time.


2. Women obsessed with marriage

Women obsessed with marriage

While you might like to think that the current society has surpassed the traditional ideas about the role of men and women, it is necessary to mention that there are still plenty of girls out there infatuated with the idea of marriage. Such women usually plan their lives in detail, including the collar of the dog they will own and the names of her future children. If you are looking for a healthy relationship, then a girl mentioning the topics marriage and starting a family before you even get to know her is not your best option.


3. The beauty with no brains

beauty with no brains

Granted, all men have been tempted by the beauty of a woman at some point in their lives. However, if she is simply unable to carry out an intellectual conversation, they will gradually lose interest in her. Since these women are prone to misunderstand most of your words and come up with their own interpretations, you can be certain that her beauty will not compensate for the numerous embarrassing moments you will experience with her.


4. Women who are always looking for a fight

Woman fighting with a man

In spite of the fact that all couples fight and sometimes arguments are practically impossible to avoid, you should make sure that the woman you are dating is not constantly looking for that. The good news is that this type of women is usually easy to spot, since it is very likely that she will start an argument out of the blue even from the first few dates. And, the truth is that the fighting will never cease and dating such a girl will just make you very unhappy in the long run.


5. The crybaby


The reason you should never date a woman who resorts to tears in order to get things done her way stems from the fact that this approach represents a form of manipulation, more precisely emotional blackmail. Going out with a crybaby means that you will be forced to ward off such obnoxious moments that get even more ridiculous over time as the relationship deteriorates. Therefore, if you want preserve your mental sanity, it is best to stay clear of them.


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