Top 10 Types Of Women Men Run Away From

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6. Women cheating on their boyfriend/husband

Woman cheating

If you are planning to get involved with a married women or a girl who is currently in a relationship, then it is necessary to mention that chances are she will eventually cheat on you as well. Even though dating this type of lady will not always end with her cheating on you, more often than not this is how the relationship will end. To put it simply, because she’s willing to do it in the first place, you are assuming a great risk of getting hurt.


7. The elitist

Elitist woman

The elitist women can be considered the opposite of the aforementioned beautiful but ultimately dumb girl (those whom it is impossible to carry out an elevated conversation). In addition, the similarity with the said category comes from the fact that you will constantly feel embarrassed when she opens her mouth not because of the things she says, but rather due to the fact that she’s constantly talking down to you or acting condescending. Considering that a successful relationship revolves around concept of the mutual happiness for both parties, it should be more than obvious why you should not date an elitist.


8. Gold-diggers


You have seen this stereotype in numerous movies: a beautiful, young woman involved in a relationship with an old and incredibly rich man does not end well, especially for the guy. Therefore, in the eventuality that she shows too much interest in your work activity (particularly the paycheck part) and she always expects expensive gifts from you, you should run away: this woman is interested in your money and definitely not you. Do you really want a Kim Kardashian on your case?


9. Women who can’t stop talking

Woman can't stop talking

Most men enjoy a date with a sociable girl with whom they can joke as well as conduct a normal conversation. On the other hand, nobody enjoys being around the so-called “chatterbox”. Even though the relationship may work for a few days, the truth is that it will get very annoying very soon. The sheer fact that she is talking about anything from what she had for breakfast to the newest community gossip will just want to make you wear earplugs around her.


10. Women with strong feminist beliefs

Woman feminist

Despite the fact that it is incredibly difficult to get a feminist to go out with you, sometimes the impossible happens. However, this is usually a bad idea since you will be on the receiving end of constant criticism about trying to demean the role of the modern woman in the current society. Because the dates will resemble a muscle confrontation between you two, being around a feminist will mostly leave you with a complex of gender inferiority.

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