Top 10 Birth Control Methods Throughout History

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6. Abortion:

This is quite often used in the contemporary age. It is usually defined as the premature termination of a pregnancy. 1/5 of all pregnancies today lead to abortions. This method has been used throughout history dating back to Ancient Egypt and Rome.


7. Diaphragm:

This is a physical cervical barrier used by women to prevent birth. The idea of blocking the cervix to prevent pregnancy has been around for centuries. Various cultures have used cervix-shaped devices such as oiled paper cones and lemon halves to apply to the cervical opening and prevent pregnancy.


8. Infanticide:

This has been used throughout history by many cultures. In Ancient times many families would commit infanticide if the child was of the wrong sex. This eliminated the excess population.


9. Breastfeeding:

Many mothers would extend the breastfeeding period to prevent further surprising occurrences of pregnancy.


10. Praneem:

This is widely used in India for spermicide. It comes in the form of a tablet that is inserted into the vagina.


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