Top 10 Cars People Should Not Drive

People love buying new and used cars and collecting them – it’s their passion, their past-time and also their hobby. Most drivers are surprised and unaware of the risks many of their favorite car model pose to their health and liveliness. Here are just 10 examples of cars people should not be driving due to safety concerns.


1. Honda Civic Hybrid:

Many people would buy it to be fuel efficient. However, drivers should be advised that in 2006 the car company recalled 45,000 cars. I would check out the reviews before buying the car, given that this was their 4th recall.


2. Smart Cars:

This small car is highly efficient energy wise and environmentally. The smallness creates a huge problem for drivers. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that it does not give any safety to its drivers and passengers. CAFÉ reported that 2000 deaths came as a result of driving mini smart cars.


3. Mercury Grand Marquis:

I am really glad I got rid of this car. It was voted as one of the most dangerous cars by Forbes. It lasted approximately 18 years. 14 years into driving, it began to stall and had massive engine problems.


4. Toyota Corolla:

Toyota Corollas are really popular in North America. However, people should do a little more research before buying a specific year/model of Toyota Corolla. For example, the 2007 car had 20,000 recalls because of a stalling risk. In 2010, 1.13 million Corollas and Matrixes were recalled. Check everything before considering.


5. Mitsubishi Lancer:

The crash tests are not good. These cars were named as one of the most dangerous cars in 2011. This is also a good car for younger generations, which is even worse as they are not experienced drivers.


6. Toyota Scion TC:

Collisions and problems driving are a source of problems for this car. This is another car popular amongst youngsters, and is not a good combo.


7. Suzuki Samurai:

This one car series between 1986 and 1995 is good for off road driving. However, people should be advised that is known to roll over and was rated as non-acceptable by Consumer Reports.


8. Kia Rio:

The 2009 model is not good either. This is extremely dangerous due to the number of collisions reported per year.


9. Ferari 458:

Beautiful car overall but not beautiful for those who suffered through its combustion. The adhesive in the back tires are also know to catch fire.


10. Ford Explorer:

This car has had a history of rollovers on the highway as well and drivers should be cautioned before buying it. This was caused by a problem with Firestone Tires, 101 Americans lost their lives as a result.


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  1. Adam LaSota

    You rank a Grand Marquis on the list because after 14 YEARS it started giving you problems, and still you kept it for another 4? That’s pretty dumb. Of course, since you take your car safety advice from a financial magazine, that’s to be expected.


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