Top 10 Cases Of Body Oddities

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This top 10 article examines 10 cases of body oddities, starting with a man who has 12 fingers and 12 toes. Nothing will ever surprise you after reading this article.


1. Yoandri Hernandez Garrido:

Whilst most people have 10 fingers and 10 toes, Garrido has 12 fingers and 12 toes. He lives in Cuba and makes $20 a day. The extra fingers and toes are a blessing for him. Although his condition `polydactyly` is normal, having such even numbers are rare.


2. Lali:

Lali was born in India with 2 faces, 2 noses, 2 pairs of eyes and 1 pair of ears. The parents believed that she was God`s reincarnation. Lali did well the first month after her birth, but died after 2 months of living.


3. Paul Rodrigues:

This Mexican man had horns that were protruding at the back of his forehead. There were 3 horns in total and all had a curvature with a texture similar to that of a ram.


4. Chandre Oram:

Oram was born in West Bengal with a 13 inch tail. People widely believe that the tail is the answer and cure for many ailments. Interestingly enough, he was born on Ram Navami.


5. Andy Garcia:

This Cuban-American actor has one abnormality and oddity many people are not aware of. He had a body oddity where his twin was conjoined to his shoulder. The twin was the size of a baseball and was removed during infancy.


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